Sunday, 23 November 2008

Meet My Chub Babies

Emjie's Chub Babies

It has been quite a few weeks since I have felt inspired enough to create fresh artwork. It feels great to have done something after such a long break. When I get that creative block it often leaves me feeling restless. I cannot stand that feeling. In an idea world I would be able to move from project to project without pause.

What names should I give my Chub Babies?

Friday, 7 November 2008

My Nanna

One day ago my Nanna passed away.

It is difficult because I only really just started to get to know a bit more of her history. I already miss her.

Nanna's name is Elizabeth and is sometimes known as Betty. She originally came from, Portarlington, Ireland. She twice lived in England and later moved to the state South Australia where she spent the remainder of her adult years. Nanna married Timothy Garry, whom came from a neighbouring village back in Ireland. They met at a local dance hosted by the village that Nanna lived in.

My memories of Nanna...
  • She kept a pressed flower set and because of that I began a childhood hobby of pressing my own flowers between the pages of books.
  • Nanna grew strawberries and she used to let me have a couple each day for morning tea when I visited for the holidays as a child.
  • She had a collection of willow china. So now whenever I see willow china I associate that with Nanna.
  • I have a collection of postcards in my old photo albums that came from Nanna whenever she visited Ireland. The below postcard was the last bit of mail that I received from Nanna.