Friday, 17 July 2020

Eiffel Tower Softie


G is well on her way toward being a Francophile, with her passion for The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. By extension of this passion she has a developing curiosity for anything connected to Paris.

A few weeks ago G produced a few Parisian structures using graph paper, tape and colouring pens. One of those structures, the Eiffel Tower, now sits on my computer workstation, a gift from G. My kids are a source of inspiration and wanting to do something for Sew a Softie in July 2020, I found myself staring at G's paper Eiffel Tower wondering what I would do. Then it struck me, I could make an Eiffel Tower softie based on G's Eiffel Tower.


What is Sew a Softie? For me, in a nutshell, it’s for people who believe they ‘can’t’. Sew a Softie is an open, friendly, supportive forum for absolutely everyone. There are no rules in making softies, except perhaps to say ‘there are no rules’. To make it more clear read about it in Trixi’s (founder of Sew a Softie) own words


Sew your own Eiffel Tower softie


You will need:

·    Felt: light blue, grey, light green; yellow

·    Thread

·    Hobby fill

·    Pen

·    Needle

·    Scissors: Paper and fabric, or craft



When you're figuring out stuff there’s no right or wrong. There’s your way and my way, and neither are wrong. You can use any colour material and any type of thread. Use what’s available to you. Mix it up and have fun. If some materials are not available to you such as thread or hobby fill, there are alternatives to finishing the softie. Such as using rice or other dry grains to replace hobby fill. Or using glue instead of a needle and thread.


How to:


1/ Print the template at 100%.


2/ Cut out the template pieces with paper scissors.


3/ Place the template pieces onto felt fabric. Then trace around the pieces.


4/ Cut out the felt pieces with fabric or craft scissors. Cut mid length strips into the grass pieces. Cut out the middle section in the tower pieces.


5/ Place the grass piece onto the background piece, lining up the bottoms. Sew together, with a plain stitch across the bottom.


6/ Place the tower piece onto the background piece, lining up the bottoms. Sew together, using a plain stitch.


7/ Sew the frame piece over the tower just above the arch. Stitch together, with a plain stitch.


8/ Repeat Steps 5-7 for remainder three grass, background, tower and frame pieces.


9/ Sew the side edges of the four backgrounds together.


10/ Sew three of the base sides to the bottom edges of the background pieces.


11/ Stuff the Eiffel Tower with hobby fill.


12/ Sew closed the fourth side of the base to the background piece. Voila! You are done.