Friday, 29 June 2018

Oh Yeah! And...

... it's my birthday.

Tuxedo Mask, Mermaid + Other Cuties

This has been a week of announcements and other fun things.

Firstly, there is this finger puppet tutorial that I created for If you're a fan of Sailor Moon and making crafty things, then this project is for you.

My Poppet Project

In Handmade magazine, issue 37-3 you will find my Lambie doll design. Lambie is as soft as a pillow, if not, softer. You will want to make this fellow and tote him around for cuddles.

I was commissioned to make "Mirabella", a cloth mermaid doll. She was constructed using a variety of techniques:
- She is machine and hand stitched.
- Her facial and body details have been painted and drawn.
- Her hair is partially needle felted.
- Her body has internal armature.

In other things I have been constructing miniatures. Miniature food...

... and miniature sloths.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Garden Pixie, Painting and Burger

In a week of grey skies and antibiotics I created, and drew into my corner a few slices of colour.

Two of my designs appeared in this month's issue of Handmade magazine. And in fact my Sweet Garden Pixie made it onto the cover, with my name credit. How incredible!

Wanting to create some cheerful colour, I painted a canvas for my kids' bedroom wall. The painting is in fact of them. When my youngest saw the painting for the first time she laughed out loud – she likes it!

 Once the antibiotics started working I was able to put my mind into doing other things. I designed a felt (and crochet) burger. I am considering building on it by adding a drink and chips.