Thursday, 31 October 2013

Newsflash Feature

Design by Melissa Gaggiano.

    It was a bit of a slow afternoon, but I got a real rocket up the bum when I discovered one of my favourite bloggers featuring my mermaid dolls on her Zesty Finds. Thank you Kellie!

Check out the feature at 74 Lime Lane.

Check out the mermaid dolls selling at Etsy.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Yarn Sale

Illustration by Melissa Gaggiano.
    I know a lovely lady, Audrey, who runs a wool and sewing shop. I enjoy visiting her for a yarn [in both sense of the word]. Recently her sweet little shop has moved locations and now she is hosting a moving sale in the old location. There are heaps of different coloured yarns available for sale at a discounted price.
    If you are a crafter and living in Melbourne come along... and spread the word.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Spanish Hearted

    Last night I watched the film Practical Magic, and sketched away a new idea for a doll. I think she is a little bit Frida Kahlo and a little bit me, and a whole lot of Spanish heart. Today I began drafting up the doll. Watch this space and we'll see how this one goes. What should I name this doll? Any thoughts?

Drawings by Melissa Gaggiano.

    Check out my current stock of mermaid dolls at my Etsy shop. Simply follow this link -

Friday, 25 October 2013


    There is a lot of love for Katy Perry in this house. She is someone we would definitely have over for dinner [pizza and hotdogs] and party with. It'll be seven o'clock in the morning and my youngest [2 year old] is asking for Katy Perry. So out I whip The Movie: Part of Me when most kids are watching Bananas in Pyjamas
    We are loving this one from Katy's latest album [Prism]. Ladies, let's hear your roar. 


An Inspired Friday

Illustration by Melissa Gaggiano.
Being encouraged = Feeling good
Feeling good = Happy chemicals
Happy chemicals = Being inspired
Being inspired = renewed productivity

Welcome back Melissa!

Etsy Up + Running

    Great news for me and my dolls. I now have an Etsy shop. And my first three Sirene dolls are available for sale.

Come visit my Etsy shop at:

[Now this is an exciting end to the week for me.]

Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Latest Three

    I have been snuffling and shuffling my way through this week. I hate being sick. Thankfully though I appear to be coming clear before the weekend arrives. Who wants to be sick on the weekend, really?
    Anyway, my main project for the week had been to finish making these three Sirene dolls and sure enough I got it done yesterday. Very soon these dolls will be available for sale. So stay tuned for further details.

Sirene dolls by Melissa Gaggiano.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Men with beards

    I have a new shirt design available over at Red Bubble. Click on this link to check it out. Hooray!

Illustration by Melissa Gaggiano.

Illustration by Melissa Gaggiano.

    The idea for this illustration came about one day while thinking about the young, modern men who have taken to growing beards. For some reason beards and even a moustache have been known to create fear and distrust. But I must say the beard thing is growing on me [Was there a pun in there?].

    And it must be said, I get excited when I see a hipster walking dow the street, like I have seen a rare species. I just want to take a photo, tag them and study their eating habits. Maybe that's just being a tad bit too weird.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sirene Three

    Today I completed a near epic sewing project. Making three mermaid dolls for three little girls. I can see my doll designs are coming a long way.

Sirene dolls by Melissa Gaggiano.

Sirene dolls by Melissa Gaggiano.

Monday, 7 October 2013


    Normally I like to share a 'work in progress' of my craft projects. But with this one I just wanted to get stuck into it and not stop till it was done. So here we have it - my completed weekend project - a mermaid with detachable fishtail.
    I have wanted to make a mermaid for a while. And so it finally happened when my eldest suggest I make one.

Doll design by Melissa Gaggiano.

Doll design by Melissa Gaggiano.

Structural Engineering

What does Mama do when it is too cold and wet to go outside?
Builds the tallest tower she can without it collapsing.
Tip: If you want that extra height just add an antenna or umbrella.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Millie is on her way

    I have finished the Millie doll, dress and all. I'll be placing her in the post before the day is out. In a couple of months she will find a home with a Mirabel child. Click here find out more about Softies for Mirabel.
Photography and doll design by Melissa Gaggiano.

Photography and doll design by Melissa Gaggiano.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Millie II: a Work in Progress

Doll design by Melissa Gaggiano.
    I wasn't expecting to make this much progress with the charity Millie doll today. But so I did, and I am pleased. Each doll I design gets a little bit easier to construct. So I guess I am learning from the process.

    Tonight I finished the body by attaching the arms. All that is left to sew is the dress. I'll get on to that sometime tomorrow. I can hardly wait to send this on to Pip for Softies for Mirabel.

Water Falls

A waterfall in a forest.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sweet Cloth Charity

Photography by Melissa Gaggiano.
    Yesterday I began work on a cloth doll I plan to donate to Softies for Mirabel. Today I finished embroidering the eyes and eyebrows, and attached the mouth. Tonight or tomorrow I will begin cutting out the pattern pieces, attach the hair and go from there.

Futuristic Car

My husband's car concept.
[Admittedly unfinished as we ran out of Lego.]