Sunday, 31 May 2009

I have been bitten!

Okay! So what? I am hooked, line and sinker... on the vampire story Twilight.

It all happened on a Thursday night. Just last week. I drift off into an eventful sleep. Three times that night I dreamt of nothing but Twilight. Which is funny considering the only thing I knew of the film came from the trailers I had viewed several months back. And even more strange was that I hadn't even been thinking about Twilight.

So Friday morning I awaken with an irrepressible urge. I must buy the film Twilight.

I visited Southland, picked up the film at JB, then on my way out I stop off at the bookshop. 'What the heck! I'll go all the way'. I bought the book Twilight, written by Stephenie Meyer, which the film was based on.

I have now watched the film. Twice!

I am reading the book, nice and slowly so I can absorb the words. I normally have this habit of practically speed reading through my books.

My computer desktop now has rotating Twilight wallpaper.

Oh yeah! And I now have the soundtrack.

I have been bitten. I always did like a good vampire film, dating back to The Lost Boys. And now this story is perfect for me, because it is actually a love story rather than being horror based. Swoon.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Will I ever find Oxford Town?

Okay! I've had to make a decision regarding my zines. I will take a long break from making zines because it is distracting me from my normal illustrative work as well as keeping this blog up to date.

So now that little trauma has been settled I can do something special with this blog entry. I am including the few bits and pieces of artwork that was originally intended for my now defunct zine. I had a specific theme, titled "I have not found Oxford Town". Oxford Town is kind of my 'Never Never Land'. It is my own sanctuary. It also represents a peaceful frame of mind and was first inspired by a David Bowie tune (I have not been to Oxford Town) covered by Zoe Poledouris in Starship Troopers. Oxford Town is a place just over the horizon. It is an inner peace that I continue to struggle for. Anyway here are some of the happy snaps...

"Welcome to my world, the dream within. Welcome to Oxford Town."

You follow her into a strange world. You are disturbed, but you do not leave.

She calls to you. Her lips never move. She continues to beckon.

You move toward her and yet, your legs never moved.

You are now standing on a pavillion floating over an inpenetrable abyss.

There are others. Here. You know them. Yet you do not recognise them.

Slowly they move, dancing together to a song that only they can hear.

Look again. They now stand still, as statues. You remember the girl.

Your arms wrap around her, her scent engulfs you. Your desire has been declared.

You want her. You think you need her. Not a word is spoken, but you know what she feels.

The world is dissolving, and all that remains are your tears and the memory of her warmth.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Kaleidoscopic Dreams

Gwen's Kaleidoscope Box

So I should have been working on my zine, but I could not help myself. I just had to create another kaleidoscope.

Perhaps I'll include a kaleidoscope in my zine. Or... Brainwave!!! Kaleidoscopes can be part of my zine theme. Hmmm... Good thinking 99.

No, I Can't Help Myself

I am dedicated to the kaleidoscope design and here is my latest masterpiece...

Hoo Kaleidoscope

To create these kaleidoscopes I have been using swatches of my previous artwork. It seems that the more chaotic the lines and colours are in the original piece, then the finished product looks more natural and interesting. I created another kaleidoscope this morning which had a lot of straight lines and though I applied the same process it was a bit boring because there were so many straight lines and obvious lines.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

My First Kaleidoscope

It may seem quiet on the blog front, but in actual fact I have been busy on a number of different projects.

I am still working on my winter zine, which I imagine will take a couple of weeks to produce.

Today for a bit of fun I developed the below image, inspired by the kaleidoscope. I rather like this effect and I am thinking of creating more images in this style.

My First Kaleidoscope

My First Kaleidoscope (BW)

Helen's Giveaway!

I am a lucky duck! Do you know why? It is because a few weeks ago I won a giveaway hosted by the amazing Illustrator, Helen Dardik (one of my favourite artists). And today my prize arrived in the mail, as you can see below. I won a book which is filled with Helen's illustrated work, plus she included a hand written note and a few cards with her own cover art. Thank you Helen!

To see more of Helen's lovely work simply follow this link to herwebsite...

Alternatively you can visit her blog (always an interesting read)  via this link...

Thursday, 21 May 2009

My Creative Space...

My Creative Space

This whole week has been about illustrating. I am taking a break from sewing to focus more on my hand drawn projects.

So far I have created four fashion illustrations titled "Strike a Pose". Plus my Lil Cupcake illustration is available for sale over at Red Bubble.

I am currently developing a few illustrations inspired by the actress Anne Francis.

Also I am making notes for my upcoming Emjie zine. Each time I prepare a zine I like to create something completely different, so the book is an evolving process. My first zine was a retrospective. The previous two issues were completely in soft copy format. This time around I am thinking of returning to the hard copy format and using a variety of paper textures. Well see how we go though what with time and cost (How I dislike that word). 

Oh! While I remember, if you are into plush owls or know someone who is, check out my Hoo Owl over at my Etsy shop. She is the cutest little thing. Simply follow this link.

I hope everyone has a lovely day!

And to see more creative spaces, check out Kootoyoo's blog.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Words & Pictures - Careful


When I knew I was pregnant I made great efforts to be
careful of what I ate. I ate when I needed to and rationed out junk food intake. I also made a conscious decision to not drink alcohol. I even stuck to this rule in the final weeks of the pregnancy even though some people were saying it wouldn't hurt the baby (I didn't believe them). 

When Gwen was born, she was perfect and being that she was my first baby I was very careful and held her like a fragile china doll. Gwen is now four months old and I have gotten so used to holding her, that I needn't worry about hurting her. I have discovered that while babies need protection they are also quite durable and have their own strength and resistance.

Michael and I will have to be more careful with language that we use around the home. Babies catch on fast, and we would rather Gwen grow up using more appropriate words to express herself. By teaching Gwen to be a better person, Michael and I also improve ourselves.

We will teach Gwen to be careful when handling the cat, and to be gentle with animals in general. In teaching her to care for other creatures it can help bring out a nurturing side to her character. In so doing she will also learn to be good to other people.

This blog has been a response to Pip's (Meet Me At Mike's) blog theme "Words & Pictures".

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Strike A Pose

After checking out the clothing boutiques at Southland today, my mind was in the fashion zone. So tonight I quickly created these four fashion drawings...

The Lean
The Lean

The Window
The Window

Lady in Red
Lady in Red

Seeing Green
Seeing Green

Lil Cupcake On Sale

I have exciting news! 

My 'Lil Cupcake' is available for sale over at Red Bubble as a greeting card. So if you are looking to give someone a card that isn't run of the mill, check it out by simply following this link.

Cupcakes on the Brain

I couldn't help myself. I just had to do another cupcake illustration. Do you remember yesterday's illustration? Well this is the same cupcake girl, but now she is hidden in the actual cupcake.

Lil Cupcake 2

You know... there is something about this cupcake that makes me think of Marie Antoinette. It must be the pink and the shape of the illustrated cake top.

See here an old inspiration board I made with Marie Antoinette as the theme.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Lil Cupcake

The other day I showed a page from my visual diary of an idea I had for a cupcake illustration. Well, here is the finished illustration...

Lil Cupcake

Sunday, 17 May 2009

My Souzou Necklace

Yesterday I created a homemade necklace. The necklace came from a DIY necklace kit which Souzou sent me in the mail, after I had won one of their giveaways.

The necklace is so cute. I am going to be wearing it for a long while.

Souzou necklace

Lil' Cupcake Joy

Lil Cupcake Sketch

Here are some doodles I did yesterday. It was an idea I had for a birthday card with a cupcake theme. I am now going to work on this illustration and bring it to life.

Gwen Eats her Dress

This is an illustration of my baby daughter, Gwen, attempting to stuff her face with her own dress. She is at that stage of wanting to put everything in her mouth. I wonder how long it will be before she tries to put the family cat in her mouth?

Friday, 15 May 2009

Words & Pictures - Remember?

1980 #3

Remember? ... I remember standing on the rear end of my plush dog many times, throughout childhood. He had a big yellow spot on his back and I thought that was a target for standing on. As a result he was nice and thick on one side and very flat on the other end.

Remember? ... I remember going yabby fishing with Lee, Alex and Dale when I was about ten. I wasn't good at fishing, so while everyone else caught bucket loads of yabbies I didn't get a single bite. On the way back home, the boys took some yabbies out of their buckets and placed into mine. When we got back to their house the boys let the adults believe that I had done as well as them at yabby fishing. Later that evening we discovered the yabbies were missing from the buckets. Very likely some local birds had a good feed.

Remember? ... I remember when I was about four or five, I was over at my best friend's (Julianne Day) house. We were at the backdoor and it slammed shut on my hand. I remember the immensely horrific pain it caused. I also remember Julianne's Mum massaging my hand and making it feel better.

Remember? ... I remember playing with my Barbie car when I was about nine. Dad comes along and has a great idea. He takes a long piece of string and loops it through the front of the pink car. I am then able to walk around the yard with my Barbie car trailing along behind me.

Remember? ... I remember having a costume day at school and I went dressed as a native American. My hair was tied in two plaits and when one bobble fell out 'I fell to pieces' on the belief that with only one plait my costume was ruined. Some kids calmed me down and kindly said I looked more authentic with only one plait. and the rest of my hair hanging loose.

Remember? ... I remember celebrating the Fourth of July when I was about four. I lived in Woomera at a time when it was occupied by the Australian and American Air Force. At times we celebrated with the Americans, with events like Independence Day. And I remember watching the parade during the day as it passed down the road through the heart of Woomera. Later that evening there was a rock band that performed below a beautiful firework display going off in the near pitch black sky.

Remember? ... I remember when I was about four, standing outside late at night, in a play area attached to some building (possibly a school). I stopped playing and gazed straight up at the milky way and was in complete awe at the shear size of the universe and realizing how small I was in comparison. It both terrified me and left me in awe at it's natural beauty.

This blog has been a response to Pip's (Meet Me At Mike's) blog theme "Words & Pictures".

Thursday, 14 May 2009

My Creative Space...

What Next?

... is blank!

I have just completed a series of pictures about Peri in paradise, so I am now at that between stage. However I do have a little list...
  1. Plan more illustrations
  2. Prepare winter zine
  3. Wash 25 year old lego (Man! Is it ever dusty!)and sew little drawstring bags for said lego.
Also, check out the Souzou giveaway that I won and received in the mail today.

Gotta dash! Time to feed baby Gwen.

PS. While you are at it, check out other people's creative spaces over at Kootooyoo.

Thursday Treats


The morning has been absolutely wonderful. I got in some exercise, the car shop called to say vehicle has been repaired (for less than what was quoted!), baby Gwen blew raspberries, and I received a parcel in the mail...

The parcel was from Souzou, and it was a giveaway that I had won. I received a copy of Yumi's artwork, plus a bonus "make-your-own-necklace" kit. Thank you Yumi and Emma!

I look forward to framing this painting and hanging it somewhere... perhaps in the living/dining area.

Peri Swims & Explores

Peri Swims & Explores

This illustration is the final in a series of three pieces about Peri's transition in paradise. This piece simply shows Peri swimming, exploring and seeking her next meal. She may have to work harder to looker after herself, Peri is much happier not being caught up in the dramas of the modern day world.

To see the other two pieces in the series simply follow these links:

Monday, 11 May 2009

Peri Builds A Home

Peri Builds a Home

This is my second completed illustration in a series of three, depicting a girl named Peri and her transition from the modern world to that of living in paradise.

To see the previous illustration follow this link.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Crimson & Clover

This is completely off track, but I just wanted to share this wonderful tune. Have a listen...

Thursday, 7 May 2009

My Creative Space...

My Creative Space...

Reality sets in as the candle burns from both ends. Last week I had hoped to have completed pattern making and sewing Gwen's new Autumn clothes. But with so many other things that also needed doing, this particular project has been on the back burner. However today is my day for making some corrections to the shirt and pant patterns. Then hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get a couple of outfits all done for Gwen to wear by the weekend.

Last week I showed some drafts of a new illustration series. I worked a bit on that over the week, and if you follow this link, you will see the first completed illustration. If you follow this second link you will see my latest draft for the second illustration in that series.

Also tonight I plan to prepare a shepherd's pie loosely based on Claire Robertson's blogged recipe. I bought myself a casserole baking dish the other day so I can pull this off. This in itself I consider to be creative because heaven only knows how my cooking turns out.

I am now reading "Sense & Sensibility" by Jane Austen. Where would my sanity be without my reading books?

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Ring-Ring! Ring-Ring! Giveaway

There is a great giveaway by the fabulous Missie Krissie. The giveaway is in keeping with the Mum theme, which makes sense since Mothers Day is just around the corner. The giveaway is for the above pictured ring, which has the words "stay calm & carry on". To find out more details click on this link.

Peri's Second & All Things Design

Peri Builds a Home sketch

This sketch is an early draft for my second illustration in the Peri series.

I will continue work on this illlustration tonight. However today I need to carry on with designing and sewing Gwen's Autumn weather clothes. So that is my plan for today.

Yesterday I picked up the latest issue of IDN magazine (Vol 16 #2). It is always a fine day when I pick up my latest IDN. IDN keeps on track with designers and illustrators the world over. This makes for invaluable resource, and a fantastic source of inspiration.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Peri Discovers the Beauty

Peri Discovers the Beauty

I have just completed the first illustration in a series of three (see above), which chronicles Peri's transition in paradise.

Peri represents the yearnings of modern civilisation 'to go native'. There are days when I romanticize the notion of getting back to basics and living on an island. Of course, if I were to do that for real, a week would pass and I would miss having my computer and a refrigerator. So I must settle for daydreaming about paradise.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Busy Bee... Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

The past few days have been busy. I have a number of different projects going so in terms of getting it all finished it is taking a couple of days.

In brief my days are made up of the following baby maintenance, playing with baby, exercise, designing and sewing new baby clothes, illustration development, reading.

I am busy, a little tired, and very happy.