Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Doll making by Melissa Gaggiano
    I am sharing with you a photo wall that shows the overall progress of making an armature doll. This is me taking my doll making in a whole new direction. I'm talking smaller and finer detail. It's an exciting new phase. What will I do next?

Harry Complete

Doll making by Melissa Gaggiano
    I have just finished sewing the Harry Potter doll. Excellent effort, yes! Eyeballs tired, yes! Want to step out and eat hot chips, yes!

Doll making by Melissa Gaggiano

Monday, 28 December 2015

Harry Hurry Hurray

Doll making by Melissa Gaggiano
    These updates are coming in fast. As I'm on the home stretch it feels like I'm getting faster at making each piece that is attached to the doll. Suddenly I can see Harry in this doll.

    Next step is to design and make Harry's quidditch (note to spell-check: this is not 'quid' 'ditch') cloak. Then hopefully a broom and maybe a wand next.

The More He Becomes

Doll making by Melissa Gaggiano
    The Harry Potter doll: The more he becomes, the closer he is.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Boots n Things

Doll making by Melissa Gaggiano
    And so the progress journey of the Harry Potter doll continues. Today I have been working on making boots, and limb protectors for the Harry Potter doll. As can be seen here. Stay tuned for more updates...

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Harry Pants On Potter

Doll making by Melissa Gaggiano
    Harry 'pants on' Potter now has his… pants and his glasses on. Fun isn't it? Watching a doll being built up bit by bit, sculpting, one section at a time.

The Glasses

Doll making by Melissa Gaggiano
    What is Harry Potter without those glasses. Using the armature wire I have shaped these glasses for the boy who lived. But I'm not finished there. Next I will be wrapping the wire in black thread.

Doll making by Melissa Gaggiano

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Harry's Uniform

Drawing by Melissa Gaggiano
    I began my day with a uniform concept board for the Harry Potter doll. Even though there are many movie photos that I can go by, I still need to see the costume in my own hand to make the design process easier.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Constructing Harry

    Following on my progress for the Harry Potter doll, over the past few days I have built up his body bit by bit. The doll as quite thin limbs, but once the clothes are added he'll have quite a bit of bulk to him.

    Next step is to sew the head and neck together. Then… the clothes. And I while I'm thinking about it, I might do more with the hair - more fringe, and more on the sides… Stay tuned.
From this...

and this...

to this.

All Depends on the Mood You're in

© Melissa Gaggiano
Merry Christmas

© Melissa Gaggiano
Bah Humbug

Monday, 21 December 2015

♥ Harry Potter

    I have started another doll project and it is completely different from any other doll I have ever made. This new doll has armature. I can hardly believe I am actually making a doll with bendy limbs.

    The new doll will be a birthday present for a little boy. His new favourite theme is Harry Potter, so naturally the doll will be… Yep! You guess it - Harry Potter.

© Melissa Gaggiano

    At the moment the doll is at a very basic stage, so it looks like a stick thin Egyptian mummy. Tomorrow I will construct the head and sew on the fabric skin of the doll.

    I am thinking of designing a doll outfit based on Harry's quidditch team uniform. And if I have time (and the talent for it) I'll construct an accessory broom.

    I have already made an accessory Marauder's Map, which has been an easy starting point for this birthday present. I found a DIY Marauder's Map here, which I printed on a single A4 (Yep, this is to be a miniature). I printed the map B&W, and later I dipped it in coffee water to give the paper that aged look. It is an amazing effect.
Marauder's Map miniature
    Stay tuned for more details of my progress (or tales of woe, depending on my success).

Friday, 18 December 2015

Poc Pocs II

    Okay, well that happened. I didn't think I'd finish making that Poc Poc so soon. Sometimes it does happen that the pattern pieces work on the first draft with only minor adjustments needed.

    My youngest loves her Poc Poc toy and is busy making it a home in her bedroom.

    Looking at the finished doll, I can see the pattern doubling as a strangely shaped potato, a potential gourd, and a futuristic doll chair.

Poc Pocs

My youngest enjoys watching Abney & Teal, and I will be honest, so do I. In fact the whole family loooooves watching Abney & Teal. Sometimes the girls play with garlic, pretending they are Poc Pocs. Sometimes I have to tell the girls not to take the garlic because it's needed for dinner. And I have discovered garlic appearing in the washing machine after doing a load. So you get the idea.

My youngest asked me to make a Poc Poc, and I kept saying 'tomorrow' while I worked out in my head how I was going to craft it.

Finally 'tomorrow' became 'today'. It is too-darn-hot-to-go-outside weather and I had an idea of how to sculpt a fabric Poc Poc. So here is where I am at…

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Under Wraps

    Last year I made a Link (Legend of Zelda) art doll, which came accessorised with shield and sword. At the time I had wanted to include other accessories, such as a Deku mask (as seen in the Majora's Mask computer game). For a number of different reasons the mask wasn't made, but it was always there in the back of my mind. It was something that I still wanted to make. Almost on the anniversary of making this Link doll I finally made the Deku mask.

See here the visual diary of the Link art doll being made:
Entry 1: Legend of
Entry 2: Hard to see
Entry 3: Look at that
Entry 4: Hat and ears
Entry 5: Shield
Entry 6: Check, check, check
Entry 7: On his way