Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Fab Finds #9

Great stuff…

1. Smart Girls at the Party is an internet sensation encouraging girls and ladies to be cool in a much better, smarter way. This site is a step in the right direction for feminism. It encourages smart talk amongst the girls and breaking down the walls of stereotypes. One of the creators of this friendly site is Amy Poehler, and she will respond to questions via video feed, covering issues as dealing with people, situations and using your head. There's so much more to it, but I'll leave that for you to explore...
Meredith Walker, Amy Miles, and Amy Poehler,
creators of the web series Smart Girls at the Party.
2. Softies for Mirabel is just round the corner and is a lovely festive season project to participate in. The aim is to make a  toy which will be matched with a child, under the wing of the Mirabel Foundation. For more information simply visit this linkThis is a project that I have participated in over the years, and this year is no exception.

3. I love sinking my teeth into a goody juicy burger. Who doesn't? Well actually now that I think about it, not everyone, but I think you understand my sentiment. So when I came across this burger via a Pinterest feed I just knew what I'd be adding to next weeks dinner plan. It is none other than a Jamie Oliver Insanity Burger recipe, excerpted from Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food.
Insanity Burger
Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food
4. Bashful Garter is now a fully operational fashion website with a cool new look-book and a shop stocking specially chosen high quality pieces from independent designers.
Bashful Garter lookbook

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Melissa Gaggiano Photography

Happy Hens

    Peace has now been restored in the land of chook. The rooster has been removed from office. The chickens are now relaxed and back to popping out 4 eggs a day. And I can get in and check their daily needs without loss of limb.
    And if you have no idea what I am talking about, then you simply must read yesterdays post.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Mad Bird, Fearless Bird

Melissa Gaggiano Photography

I never thought that I’d be entering a battlefield when I agreed to look after the school chickens. Imagining an idyllic scene full of chickens wandering about the yard, my family picnicking alongside them on an azure morning, and me, with a notepad in hand dreaming of poetic arrangements of words that I would pluck [yes, I said pluck] out of the sky and scribble down. Wind in the Willows has a lot to answer for, I think.
The nasty reality of looking after the chickens was not so much the chickens. The chickens were lovely, each with its’ own adorable personality I am sure. But there were machinations planted in the schoolyard the day that I got the call from the school saying it was finally our turn to look after the chickens. We would even have the chickens all to ourselves for the entire holidays. We, my family that is, excitedly waited all year for the chance to look after the school chickens. Why? Go back to the first paragraph and reread why. So what exactly went wrong?
 It was, in fact, the cock! The bloody cock!! Twice we have gone to check on the chickens and each time the newly acquired cock has been quite territorial. Now I know what it feels like to be stalked by a miniature dinosaur. Make no mistake, just because the beast is smaller than me doesn’t lessen the impact of intimidation. I am sensitive by nature and will howl at a paper cut and am not hardened to the pin like pricks when kittens play [though I can handle a break or dislocation with surreal calm]. So when a cock continually flies at me, and impaling my leg with its beak, I will freak. And freak I did. Realising the very real danger from this bird whose balls were clearly bigger than its brain I call out to my youngest and tell her to escape to the other side of the field. Moments later I’m running sideways across the oval with the cock on my tail.
The situation was beyond ridiculous. This one little bird was able to cause so much distress, not to mention physical pain. How on this green earth was I going to look after the chickens when this psycho with duck syndrom running about? My only option was retreat and to call for back up.
“I cannot believe I am being bullied by a small bird”, I tell my husband. He suggests I look at this situation as a life lesson. I’ve had plenty of those. I don’t need a tiny mad bird reminding me that I am a constant target for bullies.

Half an hour later I return to the chickens with my husband at my side. This time we are battle ready with large square orange bread cartons acting as shields. Well, the birds didn’t know what was coming and the cock wasn't going to mess with a giant square floating toward it. Within minutes the chickens and the cock were back in their house, door closed and firmly locked. After all that trouble caused by one mad bird, I was exhausted from the adrenalin rush and ravenous. My husband and I look at each other, we are each wondering if rooster tastes like chicken. Don’t worry though the cock is safe, for now. But we knew that using the cartons as shields was a temporary solution and something more permanent needed to be done if we were to continue taking care of the chickens. Stay tuned…

This + That

    I have been doing a bit of this and that lately. I have a couple of projects in continual rotation. Of course it's a bit like those spinning plates on poles. I get one going, then another and another, then I'm back at the first plate as it loses momentum. I am feeling my way through the projects, going with what just feels right at the time.

    There are a couple of new pieces I have added to my Red Bubble shop. A bit of photography [this], a bit of illustration [that].
Melissa Gaggiano Photography
Buy Belgian Waffle
Melissa Gaggiano illustration
Buy Are We Having Fun Yet?
Melissa Gaggiano illustration
Buy Laptop Relax

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Yay! It's a Competition

Siréne - mermaid cloth doll

    I can't remember the last time I've hosted a giveaway. Which means it's been waaaaaaaay too long. So the time is ripe for me to share something quite special.

    I have a range of super cute, eye candy mermaid dolls with removable fishtails, available in my online store - click here to viewAnd I need your help to get the word out there about my mermaid dolls. In return for your help you will go into the draw to win one of two unique cat dolls, designed and sewn by moi.

Cat #1

Cat #2

    To go into the draw, all you need to do is one or all of the following:

  1. Share details of this giveaway on Facebook.*
  2. Share details of this giveaway on Twitter.*
  3. Share details of this giveaway on your blog.*
  4. Additionally you can visit my store, inspect the mermaids, come back here, leave a comment telling me which one you thought the prettiest.
* When you have done this leave a comment below with a link to your social media share [so I can see it]. If you share details of this giveaway with all three social media methods, you will go into the draw three times.

Entries for this giveaway close Wednesday 24th September 2014, 5PM.

And why not visit my store, you find something special for a friend or yourself. To visit my Etsy store simply follow this link:

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Bashful Garter Lookbook

Bashful Garter lookbook

    Here is something I have been watching and waiting for this year. The gorgeous and one of a kind Bashful Garter lookbook [I really wish autocorrect wouldn't keep suggesting that this word be cookbook]. I am pretty excited about this and have a mental list of pieces I wish I could have. Check it out for yourself…

Doodling #28

Melissa Gaggiano illustration

Day 162

Melissa Gaggiano Photography