Friday, 30 August 2019

Father's Day: Heavy on the Vinyl

Kidspot Craft: Father's Day

Check out my latest Kidspot craft video,with the perfect Father's Day spin. Yes indeed, I wrote that. So spin that wheel, and give your retro Dad something from the heart and that's easy to make.

While you're making Dad's card listen this to track:

Coffee, Macarons, Pigeon Post + Hot Dogs

© Melissa Gaggiano
In the week that was there has been coffee and macarons. As in, I've been making coffee and macarons, not in the kitchen, but with my sewing supplies. Doesn't that look a treat?

One of the kids has started on a letter writing journey with an an imaginary postal pigeon. I have enabled her. Together we have created a postal station in the yard. It is a place for the 'pigeon' to deliver letters, and rest.


Before the above landing pad was made the fence acted as a temporary postal station for the pigeon, and sure enough, the next day, their was a mail collection card letting us know the kid's letter had been received by the pigeon.

On a end of day whim I made a variation of a hot dog. It is a dachshund, resting on a bed that appears suspiciously like a bread roll. No hot dogs were harmed in the making of this lil guy. My littlest has named him Saucy. This is not at all weird.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Book Week: Rodrick + Luna

Rodrick & Luna: When fictional worlds collide.

What is Book Week? If not a warm up for Halloween. Or an early traipse into a life long obsession with cosplay.
There's a bit of work helping the kids bring their favorite book characters to life. But as stressful as it can be, the end goal is worth the temporary loss of insanity.
This year the kids wanted to dress as Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling) and Rodrick Heffley (Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney).

{Pottermore link}
{IMDB link}

A Rockstar is Born
Creating Rodrick was relatively easy. My youngest only wanted/needed a black shirt to be painted with the words 'löded diper'. She wore the painted shirt, jeans, and because it was a cold day she had a long sleeve shirt underneath. Actually when I come to think of it, she was dressed just like me. Anyhoo, we messed up her hair, sprayed it, and applied rockstar eyeliner, because... Rodrick is pure rockstar. 



Magic-ing up a Witch
Creating a Luna Lovegood costume was much more. Oh, so much more. I was on a tight schedule for this one. The costume had more components, such as a wand, Quibbler magazine, radish (I mean Dirigible Plum) earrings. I got through making this costume with the aid of the My Poppet Luna Lovegood cosplay tutorials. I loosely followed the My Poppet tutorials, with a few variations of my own. For instance, I made the earrings from sculpting and painting clay. I decorated the wand not with yarn, but with pipe cleaner, and I gave it a gilded appearance with a mega load of hot glue, and metallic paint.



Friday, 2 August 2019

Vintage Trunk Goodness

{My Poppet}

When I was a little girl I would watch the idyllic Hollywood oldies on weekend telly. A scene from one of those films which stands out is from Daddy Long Legs. It involves an overwhelmed ingénue (played by Leslie Caron) and a fabulous set of travel trunks – a gift from her mysterious benefactor. Afterwards, fancy trunks, along with treasure chests became desirable trinkets of my brimming imagination.

Now I welcome you to visit My Poppet and make your own Vintage Trunk with (surprise, surprise) a shoe box. 

What wonderful treasures will you place in the Vintage Trunk?