Monday, 30 June 2008

Birthday Aftermath

Ok, that is it! I want to be an archaeologist, just like Indy. I thought the new Indy film was wonderful and very much in the same feel as all the other films in the series. It was worth the watch, particularly at Gold Class.

The only problem though was that I ate too much or just something my stomach didn't like so I was a bit uncomfortable when I arrived home last night. That aside though, I had a nice birthday, and am a little disappointed that the weekend was over so quickly. Too bad the next long weekend is months away.

So today it is Monday, therefore back to work. It is quite cold out, so today I shall wear my Nicacelly winter hoodie that I got for my birthday. It looks like the below photo from the Nicacelly - Giant Peach website...

Sunday, 29 June 2008


Today is my birthday. Yesterday M-Boo and I had lunch at Dad's. We all ate murtaba, satay chicken with hot n sweet satay sauce. We watched "The Last Starfighter", which was one of my favorite films from the eighties.

Today M-Boo's parents will stop by for morning tea and later in the day M-Boo will see the new Indianna film with brother/sister in law.

Wow. Feeling tired already.

I am looking forward to seeing the new Indianna film. M-Boo and I grew up watching the Indianna movies. For a time I wanted to grow up and become a female version of Indianna.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Through the Tropical Looking Glass

The First Entry

This being my first blog entry at Blogspot, I thought I would kickstart it with a "Hey". And perhaps I will summaries what ground I intend to cover here.

I dabble with various crafts, and more recently my love of homemade art projects has only been fueled by all the other craft bloggers that I have been following in recent times. I feel it only right to give a shout out to the two main bloggers who have inspired me - Meet Me At Mikes and Loobylu.

I hope to share my thoughts at least once a day. And even if I am busy or have very little going on I will still make the effort to write even just a little bit each day.

That is all for now. Lots to think about and plan.