Thursday, 30 April 2009

My Creative Space... Part II

In addition to the "Peri" illustrations that I have been working on, I also plan to make some nice winter clothes for my baby girl.

Gwen has a lot of clothes to fit her at the moment, but the majority of the clothes are more suited to Spring/Summer weather conditions. So today I visited the fabric store and picked up some fleecy material. I'll make up basic patterns this afternoon and hopefully will have a few new outfits for my baby girl to wear next week.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Peri Peri... My Creative Space

This afternoon I began development of a new series of images set in paradise. I have created a character named Peri and the images will document her journey in paradise.

Following are some of my basic sketches that I have begun with. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Freakin' Dig Nicacelly

Freakin' Dig Nicacelly

  • Here is a statement for you: I freakin' dig Nicacelly.
  • Here is a fact: I proudly own a Nicacelly jacket.
  • Here is a term: "Elegant Slumming" - Nicacelly clothes can be worn for 'lounging' and alternatively for 'dressing up'.

You can check out Nicacelly at the following sites:

Pointedly Pink Giveaway!

There is a gorgeous giveaway being hosted by Rachael over at Pink Lizzy Sews blog. Rachael is in a celebrational mood due to the number of bloggers who are now following her and the number of people 'hearting' her Etsy products. So head on lover to Rachael's blog and see what the fuss is all about. And if you are into candy like sweetness you will appreciate what Rachael has to offer.


The Anzac weekend passed all to quickly, and a new week is upon us. The goals I had set for myself over the last couple of days have been achieved and now it is time to make plans for the next few days.

Last night I finalised my shop on Etsy by placing details of my first product. There are two Hoo Owls available for sale, which can brighten any space and is a fantastic gift for children and adults alike. 

So check out my Hoo Owl plush dolls over at this link.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Amity's 100

Amity 100

A lovely blogger by the name of Jemma has just made a whopping big 100 posts. To celebrate she is organising a surprise giveaway. To find out what it is all about visit her blog post via this link.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

My Creative Space...

My Creative Space

Keeping it brief my plan for today is as follows:
  • Exercise in the gym (already done)
  • Cut out fabric pattern pieces to create another two Hoo Owl plush dolls, which I plan to sell upon completion.
  • Hopefully begin sewing at least one Hoo Owl before the day is out.
  • Go for a walk with baby and if perchance I should pass a news agent, might buy the latest issue of Frankie (Pip! You got me hooked.)
  • Finish the day by reading Jane Austen's Mansfield Park (She is perhaps my most favourite author).
  • Play with baby many times and read to her. Very likely she will be listening to Mansfield Park.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Monday, 20 April 2009

I've Still Got Punky Power

Punky Brewster

When I was a child I simply loved, loved, loved the Punky Brewster telly series.

In point of fact I wanted to be Punky. Once when I got a Punky Brewster show bag from the Ekka I wore the accessories that came in the bag in the hopes of looking like her. The accessories included multi-coloured shoelaces, and sun bobbles for the hair. I also owned a singlet with words on the front declaring "I've got punky power!"

My adoration of Punky also extended to dreaming of having a bedroom painted like hers and having my own tree house. Alas none of these interior decorating and architectural projects ever took place. However I do wish to see the fantasy lived out through DIY projects for my daughter's bedroom. Over the years I would like to see her room develop into a wonderfully colourful environment that is out of this world.

Sometimes I consider buying online a retro Punky Brewster doll which was produced in the mid eighties. Though it is one of those things that I keep putting off and just thinking about.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Hoo Owl Takes Flight

This is a proud moment, for herein are photos of my first completed plush Hoo Owl doll. I am now considering making a few more.

Hoo Owl 2

Hoo Owl 3

Hoo Owl 1

Friday, 17 April 2009

My Creative Space...

My Creative Space

My creative space for today, displays the new plush doll I am to create. It is a design of my own named "Hoo Owl". In the photo you can see the fabric I intend to use, the pattern pieces and an illustration of how I imagined the "Hoo Owl". If it goes well I should be able to make a handful of these little owls. I am so looking forward to getting started on this project.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Is there a Doctor in the TARDIS?


Last week it was my Dad's Birthday and as a present I crafted, with paper, the above likeness of the TARDIS.

My Dad has been a fan of the BBC Dr Who series almost all his life and pretty much from the age of two I have shared this interest with him. More recently I have been able to introduce  my husband to the Dr Who series when it was relaunched by the BBC (Woo-Hoo!) and now in the following years I look forward to introducing The Doctor to my daughter (Good times!).

Ilana Charnelle Channelling Yesteryear

I just thought I'd share this video of a talented local girl by the name of Ilana Charnelle. Ilana is one of those rare few who looks to the styling of music long past and is channelling the 40s and 50s. I love it when people just do their own thing. And the music industry today certainly needs the variety.

To see more videos from Ilana follow this link.
Or visit her Myspace profile...

Birthday Flowers

A few weeks ago I made these birthday cards with 3D flower ornamentation for the front decoration. There were a few birthdays coming up at the time, so it was a great opportunity to have some fun and play with paper.






I Wanna Be A Pirate

I very quickly doodled these pirate illustrations in Photoshop yesterday evening. And only just added some finishing touches. I really cannot escape the pirate theme that I like so much.

I Wanna Be A Pirate

I Wanna Be A Pirate_b

Thursday, 9 April 2009

My Creative Space...

This is my creative space for today. It looks a mess, but that's because it is all there... the fabric, the pattern pieces, an empty mug, a remote control (???).

My creative space...

I am working on a sausage dog pattern. It looks fairly simple so I think I will have it finished before the day is out.

Sausage dogs look like they would make such lovely companions. Maybe one day I will have a pet sausage dog, but in the meantime I will settle for the plush kind.

Pink Plush Elephant


Yesterday I made this elephant for my husband, M-Boo, as a special treat. This elephant was made from a pattern that I won from Mixtape zine a few months back. The original designers of this elephant are the crafters Audrey & Maude.

I made the elephant from fabric scraps and an old pillow case.

I might get started on another plush doll this afternoon. I am thinking of using a sausage dog pattern that I have had waiting for the perfect occasion.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Onion Saves the Day

The other day I blogged about a plush doll that I had made, going by the name of Onion the Bunyip. Well, Onion decided that he wanted to do some good in the world and after some consultation with his maker (me) he was shipped off to Handmade Help. From there he will go to the home of a child who has lost his or her toys in the fires that have torn through Victoria this year.

Best of luck Onion!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Onion the Plush Bunyip

Meet Onion the Bunyip... a plush doll of my own creation which I finished making only just now. 




Onion the Bunyip is made of material which I bought from a patchwork craft shop, when I was in Darwin for my Honeymoon a few years back. The prints are a variety of Aboriginal designs - very cool and earthy.

Initially I had intended on designing a bunny rabbit plush doll, but the design evolved into something entirely different. There wasn't a single creature that I could truly compare this plush doll to so I decided he must be a bunyip.

Other distinctive features of Onion is his lovely floppy ears, and rotatable arms and legs.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

More Tree Prints

Here are some more tree prints that I think would look fantastic on fabric. I am imagining these prints on hankies and patchwork fabrics, on cloth notebook covers and even bags.

Orange Tree Print

Blue Green Tree Print

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Pink Print

Originally I had intended that this print have a blue and green colour scheme. However it evolved into something else and became very... girlish.

Pink Berry Tree Print

Friday, 3 April 2009

Meet Me At Mike's

Oh, happy rainy day! I took my bub for a walk to Southland and after looking around gave in to sweet temptation. We bought the craft book “Meet Me At Mike’s: 26 crafty projects and things to make”. It is a gorgeous book and it only cost $45. This is a pretty good deal coz it...

A) is a Melbourne book with crafts by Aussie crafters.
B) comes with a pocket filled with many wonderful patterns.
C) has 26 craft projects from crafters that I admire. Happy me!

This book was written by Pip Lincolne and you can find her blog at Meet Me At Mike's. Also her book is available in most bookstores or can be ordered online.

Hoo Owl

This is a concept illustration of a "Hoo Owl". I have had owls on my mind lately, and I just might take this design into development and turn him into a little plush doll.


Thursday, 2 April 2009

Thursday Arvo Doodlings

I was busy today cleaning up the house and taking care of the baby, but I did manage to doodle this Teddy Bear in about half an hour.

Vanilla Teddy Bear

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Mirror Mirror

Here is my latest illustrated effort... a self portrait. 


This piece of art is available for sale over at Red Bubble.