Friday, 2 April 2021

The Whirlwind Post

The past few months have been something of a whirlwind. I cannot believe that it's already April. My head is still in February. On Wednesday I thought it was Thursday. And when it's 3am my brain seems to think it's a good time to be fully wide awake, up and doing things.

Hang in there as I present to you a great big listing of amazing, fun, easy, beautiful content to keep you entertained for the new couple of weeks. Let's get into it!

Friday, 18 December 2020

Weird + Wonderful Milk Plastic + Infinite Love

This week has been all about weird wonders, figuring out a puzzle and turning them all into inspiring craft. Let's take a walk through it all:

For Kidspot I produced a tutorial on making plastic out of, I kid you not, milk. I learnt some really amazing facts about milk for this tutorial, all of which I share in the tutorial. So head on over to Kidspot to find out how I did this, and how you too can make this.

I have been playing around with my Bostik supplies. One of which is the Bostik Glu Tape. In my latest You Tube video I show you how to make an infinity card using my Bostik Glue Tape. It's honestly so easy to use, and sturdy as. To find out more head on over to You Tube.

Thursday, 10 December 2020

The Twenty Twenty Crafting High Home Stretch

2020 is actually drawing to a close. It was a slow year, for sure. Yet somehow, as we see the New Year in sight suddenly a home run seems possible.

If however you're not feeling that home run I recommend taking time out from your troubles by giving yourself permission to rest, sleep, read, write, draw, craft, or anything you want. You can do it, and it will refresh your brain. Even if you think there's no time, give yourself five minutes. Just five minutes out of your day will make a lot of difference.

I've been whittling away the days producing some end of year projects, and exploring such products as the Cricut Joy and Bostik. In my field of work/play - play/work there is seriously a lot of cutting and gluing. Which, you know, I'm not complaining about, because this is what I do. But I can honestly say it's the sweetest pleasure when I get to operate tools and use materials that make the work process faster and more comfortable. #workingsmarter Am I right?

Making Christmas cards: with Cricut Joy and Bostik glue

This week I experimented with making two very different Christmas cards, using the above mentioned Cricut Joy and Bostik tools and materials. The content is available on Youtube, in which I share my process, and some of my insights.

If you wish to see more of my journey with the Cricut Joy, I have a dedicated page with links to my Youtube videos on the topic.

Plus, I've a bundle of festive, end of year craft projects for you to have a look at over at My Poppet, Kidspot.

My Poppet: Candy Cane Earrings

Kidspot: Santa Tree Cone

Kidspot: Teacher's Gift Box

My Poppet: Orange Pomander Balls
Kidspot: Drink Glass Charms

Kidspot: Bauble Wreath

Kidspot: Confetti Bowl

Friday, 30 October 2020

Secret Messages, Illusions + the Buffy Dilemma

The word is: Go! Go! Go! Kids are back in school. People are back on the streets. I've got projects galore. Let's check out my latest spate of projects that are all crafty and some that are science based.

Kidspot: Water Illusion

Kidspot: Lemon Juice Secret Messages

As for the something more crafty but no less magical you can try making your own kaleidoscope.

Kidspot: DIY Kaleidoscope

I continue to document my journey as I teach myself how to use the Cricut Joy. My latest addition to the Cricut Joy library is now available to watch on YouTube.

For a bit of context, I am letting the kids watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the spin-off series Angel. We watch the shows sporadically and are prone to lose track of which show we are up to. When this happens there's a lot of backtracking with the DVDs. It's a dull mess really. I resolved the situation by creating a Buffy/Angel fridge magnet that can be flipped after we finish watching an episode. For this project I up-cycled an old fridge magnet. I scraped off the original advertising sticker from the magnet before applying the new Cricut Joy stickers.

Cricut Joy: The Buffy/Angel Fridge Magnet

Friday, 9 October 2020

Cricut Book Art + Yarn Rainbows

Living DIY means working with what's available. It's not always easy, and there are mistakes to be made but it is a worthwhile process because you discover just how capable you really are.

Sometimes the DIY way can be really hard work. So while I celebrate DIY ability, it also gives me an appreciation for the tools that are created to make life easier. More than a year ago I began creating video content. I learnt on the job – making classic rookie mistakes, and from those experiences I gradually developed better time management, and work aroundlighting techniques. I am a crafter and designer who has been applying those make-do DIY insights to my videography. Simply put I have used ankle weights to balance a leaning tripod for birds-eye-view content, as well as filming in the great, shady outdoors to capture the best possible natural light.

Those DIY video tricks I've learnt have helped me to become a better videographer. And now, in wanting to create better quality work, I am so very ready and relieved to finally head toward equipment upgrades. No more filming in bitter winds, and near-precariously angled tripods with ankle weights.

On the topic of tools that make life easier: One of my many creative passions is for paper art. As it has been with the videography, so it is with creating paper art, only with aching hands. Since the beginning of 2020 I have dreamt of working with Cricut products. So when opportunity to work with a Cricut Joy came knocking I answered the door. I quite enjoy working with my little Cricut Joy. It gives me more time, and saves my hands from the aches and the occasional blade cut. And I must say, when the Cricut Joy is operating I enjoy watching the little robot perform it's ballet, cutting and drawing across material.

{YouTube: Cricut Joy Book Cover Decoration}

As I embark on my journey with the Cricut Joy I have been documenting some of what I am making and learning. Part of living in lockdown means having sometimes limited access to materials. As a result I have discovered painters tape to be a very happy alternative to using contact when lifting and moving highly detailed Cricut stickers. 

Head over to my Cricut Joy page to see more of my related projects.

{Kidspot: DIY Yarn Rainbow}

If you're in need of a non tech based craft project I've got something for you. Head on over to Kidspot and check out my video content for weaving a rainbow. You'll be amazed at how simple this project is, while managing to keep you engaged for a few hours. Consider this project a gateway to loom weaving.

Friday, 25 September 2020

Almost Halloween + Finding the Joy

Life can be challenging, plus some emotional fire and brimstone. Finally getting through those trouble spots you may find yourself with rewards. Those rewards may be big, or small enough that only you notice they are there (learnt lessons and opportunities). I am learning that with perseverance the good stuff will happen, not when I want it to happen, but when I've really worked for it. If you keep ploughing, chiseling, digging deeper, eventually people are going to notice.

Ponder that, if you will, and while you're at it take a gander of my latest projects. I've got for you Halloween decor, iso based crafts and some very sweet notions.

Kidspot: Ghost Witch

Kidspot: Creepy Halloween Hand

My Poppet Makes: DIY Mini Waffle Purse

Kidspot: Rainbow Windsock

I have rather exciting news. I am the proud owner of a Cricut Joy. 'Cricut what?!' I hear you say. A Cricut Joy is an incredible piece of robotics designed for the domestic market. Specifically it cuts paper, sticker material and draws for you. I'm taking baby steps with my Cricut Joy, but my future with this powerful little crafter's tool is big and bright. For more Cricut content you can follow me on Instagram, or check my Cricut Joy blog page.

Monday, 24 August 2020

Exploding Gifts, Keyrings + Matchbox Craft

In my latest news batch you'll find all sorts of fun stuff. Some of it new (exploding gift boxes) and some of it harking back to some old school activities (for those who used to play with matchboxes), and other things that fall somewhere in between (the keyrings). So, let's just get into it!

{My Poppet: DIY Exploding Gift Box}

I produced an exploding gift box for My Poppet. Now 'exploding' – not as disturbing as it sounds. In fact your heart will utterly kvell when you see this. You'll want to make one for someone dear to you. You'll want someone dear to you to make one for you.

{Kidspot: Matchbox Doll Craft}

Over at Kidspot I have two offerings for you. There's the super cute, and very simple 'growing matchbox children'. Also if you're into watch things shrink then you'll get a kick out of my keyring project. Get your hands on shrink plastic sheets from art-craft stores and you'll just want to spend your entire day shrinking your drawings. Think of the potential.

{Kidspot: DIY Shrink Plastic Keyring}

{Eiffel Tower softie tutorial}

If can't get enough of all things Parisian then you just may fall in love with this little Eiffel Tower softie tutorial. Who would have thought something so pointy could be so... soft.

Thursday, 23 July 2020

DIY Face Mask

{Kidspot: DIY Face Mask}

If you're looking for a quality DIY alternative, and might I say, stylish face mask head over to Kidspot. I've created a sewing process for this face mask design further simplifies the steps involved for making a mask, without compromise to quality. This design is makable for people with little and lots of sewing experience. It is also comfortable to wear, durable and washable. Head over to Kidspot and get your mask making on. Then, if you must step out, put on that mask gear.

Be safe.

Friday, 17 July 2020

Eiffel Tower Softie


G is well on her way toward being a Francophile, with her passion for The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. By extension of this passion she has a developing curiosity for anything connected to Paris.

A few weeks ago G produced a few Parisian structures using graph paper, tape and colouring pens. One of those structures, the Eiffel Tower, now sits on my computer workstation, a gift from G. My kids are a source of inspiration and wanting to do something for Sew a Softie in July 2020, I found myself staring at G's paper Eiffel Tower wondering what I would do. Then it struck me, I could make an Eiffel Tower softie based on G's Eiffel Tower.


What is Sew a Softie? For me, in a nutshell, it’s for people who believe they ‘can’t’. Sew a Softie is an open, friendly, supportive forum for absolutely everyone. There are no rules in making softies, except perhaps to say ‘there are no rules’. To make it more clear read about it in Trixi’s (founder of Sew a Softie) own words


Sew your own Eiffel Tower softie


You will need:

·    Felt: light blue, grey, light green; yellow

·    Thread

·    Hobby fill

·    Pen

·    Needle

·    Scissors: Paper and fabric, or craft



When you're figuring out stuff there’s no right or wrong. There’s your way and my way, and neither are wrong. You can use any colour material and any type of thread. Use what’s available to you. Mix it up and have fun. If some materials are not available to you such as thread or hobby fill, there are alternatives to finishing the softie. Such as using rice or other dry grains to replace hobby fill. Or using glue instead of a needle and thread.


How to:


1/ Print the template at 100%.


2/ Cut out the template pieces with paper scissors.


3/ Place the template pieces onto felt fabric. Then trace around the pieces.


4/ Cut out the felt pieces with fabric or craft scissors. Cut mid length strips into the grass pieces. Cut out the middle section in the tower pieces.


5/ Place the grass piece onto the background piece, lining up the bottoms. Sew together, with a plain stitch across the bottom.


6/ Place the tower piece onto the background piece, lining up the bottoms. Sew together, using a plain stitch.


7/ Sew the frame piece over the tower just above the arch. Stitch together, with a plain stitch.


8/ Repeat Steps 5-7 for remainder three grass, background, tower and frame pieces.


9/ Sew the side edges of the four backgrounds together.


10/ Sew three of the base sides to the bottom edges of the background pieces.


11/ Stuff the Eiffel Tower with hobby fill.


12/ Sew closed the fourth side of the base to the background piece. Voila! You are done.


Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Keeping You Craft Busy

Depending on where you are you're still in iso, on holiday, or you're returning to iso. But as always us craft designers have you covered for fallout. Let's take a look at what I have put together for you.

{My Poppet: Round Drawstring Bag Sewing Pattern}

Last week My Poppet launched my flowery looking drawstring bag design. Now this is no ordinary drawstring bag, for when you open it there are hidden pockets inside. How neat is that?

{Kidspot: Nappy Cake}

Next on the agenda is a Nappy Cake tutorial, produced for Kidspot. As Baby Shower gifts go, it may seem frivolous, but I tell you, when it comes to babies, you can never have too many nappies. The baby host will thank you one hundredfold for this gift.

{My Poppet project list}

If that's not enough to keep you busy, then check out my two massive lists of My Poppet and Kidspot projects.

{Kidspot project list}