Sunday, 16 September 2018

Sloths, Sloths + More Sloths

© Melissa Gaggiano

Total Sloth update!

© Melissa Gaggiano

It's the year of the sloth, here. I recently made a handful of 15 CM sloths for indie Australian fashion label Leonard St, in their Fitzroy boutique. Earlier in the year I made a couple of larger (fully dressed) sloths for them, and now the newly made, smaller sloths will join their remaining sister in the Leonard St store.

© Melissa Gaggiano

In addition to that, I have just finished another run of these sloths for my own doll store.
© Melissa Gaggiano

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Chopstick Hairy Accessory

© Melissa Gaggiano
This just in! My latest craft tutorial for My Poppet is now live. Mosey on over to My Poppet and learn how to make this 'sparkly as a star' hair accessory.

© Melissa Gaggiano

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Finger Puppets + Other Things

Commissioned finger puppets,
made by Melissa Gaggiano.

I was recently commissioned to make finger puppets, to be used as classroom tools. The purpose of the puppets is to act as a prop, through which children can express their thoughts and feelings. Such a wonderful thing, and I couldn't have been more thrilled to create something that could be beautiful and useful.

I have also been making accessories to go with this sloth doll. I made a book and pencil out of felt and thread. I've made felt books before, but this was the first time I crafted an actual felt pencil. That was different. I can hardly wait to get this off to the intended birthday kid.

© Melissa Gaggiano

© Melissa Gaggiano

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Ladybug Loveliness


And now for the latest and greatest in news. I have produced a lovely ladybug tutorial for My Poppet. It is the perfect thing to make for yourself, or your favorite bugaboo. So, head on over to My Poppet and find out how you can make this cute little bug.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Time to Think + Reset

I am entering a new phase, I think. Let's see what happens next.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

My Goodness, My Poppet

My latest project for My Poppet has now gone live. How gorgeous is this paper butterfly lantern. To find out how to make this project, head on over to My Poppet.

I've made one of these My Poppet toadstool pin cushions for myself. It was so good, my youngest asked me to make her one. So I did, with just one lil' tweak - needle felting the spots on. It was so effective. Visit My Poppet, and give this super easy project a whirl. You will not be disappointed by it's cuteness.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Loveo the Roller Derby Pirate

© Melissa Gaggiano

Meet Loveo! This Loveo design has an unusual story. She started out as a fabric pattern test (hence the lack of skin tone colouring and only making one arm and one leg). Afterwards, one of my kids asked if I was going to keep the doll. I told her that I would very likely recycle the doll filler for future projects. My daughter then said I should keep the doll, and because of that the doll is still here.

The doll was developed into a pirate themed roller derby athlete. With a very simple, obvious twist. Inspired by the fact that the doll was already without an arm and leg, the doll became what she always was, an amputee. I made a detachable peg leg (pirate theme), and for the amputated arm I used fabric that looked like a floral tattoo. Check out that knee-high quad skate. Don't you wish you had skates like that?

© Melissa Gaggiano

© Melissa Gaggiano

© Melissa Gaggiano

© Melissa Gaggiano

© Melissa Gaggiano

Friday, 29 June 2018

Oh Yeah! And...

... it's my birthday.

Tuxedo Mask, Mermaid + Other Cuties

This has been a week of announcements and other fun things.

Firstly, there is this finger puppet tutorial that I created for If you're a fan of Sailor Moon and making crafty things, then this project is for you.

My Poppet Project

In Handmade magazine, issue 37-3 you will find my Lambie doll design. Lambie is as soft as a pillow, if not, softer. You will want to make this fellow and tote him around for cuddles.

I was commissioned to make "Mirabella", a cloth mermaid doll. She was constructed using a variety of techniques:
- She is machine and hand stitched.
- Her facial and body details have been painted and drawn.
- Her hair is partially needle felted.
- Her body has internal armature.

In other things I have been constructing miniatures. Miniature food...

... and miniature sloths.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Garden Pixie, Painting and Burger

In a week of grey skies and antibiotics I created, and drew into my corner a few slices of colour.

Two of my designs appeared in this month's issue of Handmade magazine. And in fact my Sweet Garden Pixie made it onto the cover, with my name credit. How incredible!

Wanting to create some cheerful colour, I painted a canvas for my kids' bedroom wall. The painting is in fact of them. When my youngest saw the painting for the first time she laughed out loud – she likes it!

 Once the antibiotics started working I was able to put my mind into doing other things. I designed a felt (and crochet) burger. I am considering building on it by adding a drink and chips.