Thursday, 22 February 2018

Getting Started

© Melissa Gaggiano
The best way for me to get the work day started is to draw. It's also one of the nicest ways to end the day.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

A Doll Painting Project

© Melissa Gaggiano
It's not easy being six years old. Just getting started in this world. Learning to understand social cues, school rules, spelling codes, being told how to do art, and... well, sometimes it can be a bit much for anyone. It can get to be a long day when you're six.

Little K had expressed her desire to make a 'daddy doll'. So yesterday, after school I surprised her with a cookie cutter shaped cloth doll for her to  paint. I was invited to join in with the painting, which I did, but only by adding a couple of details. I wanted this to be Little K's thing.

There were no rules to decorating the doll. There was no right or wrong technique. This was about letting one kid do something creative, thoughtful, with no worry about a finishing time. It was great! Watching Little K paint, she was relaxed, and the stress of the day had evaporated.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Fun Fashion Dailies #36-42

Six weeks of Fun Fashion Dailies. Can you believe it!

I began this illustration project partly to build a routine within myself. I wasn't quite sure if I would take it to a full year. However I told myself to do it week by week. The result of doing this longer than three weeks meant it became habit, which is a fantastic outcome. Fun Fashion Dailies opened me up to the act of fast creative warm up. There were no hard rules beyond being consistent, but it was important that I draw quickly, and use whatever was already floating in my head. No over thinking.

After six weeks of Fun Fashion Dailies I'm ready to rest the project. I have made gains from it, and also know it is time to direct my energy into other projects.

And now, here is the sixth week of Fun Fashion Dailies:

Day 36

Day 37

Day 38

Day 39

Day 40

Day 41

Day 42