Tuesday, 31 August 2010

New Knit Project

Today I began a new project. I am going to knit a baby blanket. Can you believe it? I know I can't. I am really excited about doing this. It will go to someone who is soon to be born. So I really want this to go well. Wish me luck (the kind that is hole free, and with no missed stitches).

Yesterday I borrowed three books from the library —
  • Crochet: An illustrated pocket guide to over 90 beautiful patterns
  • French Girl knits by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes
  • Learn to Knit by Penny Hill
I like checking out a variety of knit/crochet guides. As I continue to search for the perfect instruction guide. ‘Perfect’ meaning easy to follow for the amateur knitter such as myself. It amazes me just how many intricate techniques that have been created for knitting and crochet work. A person could spend their whole lives devoted to this art alone to fully master it.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Faith & Heart

Have you ever had one of those moments, where you wake up at three in the morning, and you doubt your creative work? Have you truly?

You find yourself wondering — Am I on the right path? Do people like what am I doing? Or are they simply being polite? Am I being the best I can be? Will it ever come to something? Will I ever stop having these yucky three in the morning cerebral wake up calls?

Considering my little rant up above, can you tell I am between art projects? Do you sense the creative paralysis? That nagging, negative inner voice has an over inflated ego and has been running around causing chaos in my head. Shame on it.

Come on inner voice, back into your dark little corner you go. And don't think of coming out until you have something constructive to say.

You can laugh, but I feel so much better now that I have just typed that.

So, leave a comment below: Tell me what you do to whip that negative inner voice when it comes calling.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Animation Friday - Just Me

gif animator
Gif animator

This is my response to Animation Friday, a fun and quick lil activity, hosted by My Poppet. Kudos to Curly Pops for bringing this one to my attention.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Pop Up Dream

Here is another piece of Photoshop work I just completed. I was inspired by pop up story books and wanted to create something similar without going to the length of it being an actual pop up.

My Creative Space...

Yesterday I finished sewing two dresses for Gwen (as pictured below). I had intended to have three dresses ready, but the first (not pictured) was more or less a work in progress, and some pattern changes were necessary to achieve perfection.

These dresses will be good for Gwen when the weather warms up a bit. The fabric is light and airy. The prints are cute as.

Head on over to Kootoyoo to find out what other lovely things people are up to in their lil crafty corners.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Another Week Ends

This has been something of a Jane Austen week for me. The weather had me brooding a bit so I got out the telly mini series Pride & Prejudice. When I got through that in just under two days, I still hadn't had enough. So then I pulled out the Keira Knightley version and had that playing while I worked.

Then, as if the planets had aligned themselves… I took Gwen to the park this afternoon, and sure enough it started pelting down with rain. I scooted Gwen and myself into the nearest public building — the library. Wandering about I discovered a ‘classics’ display filled mostly with Jane Austen novels. That is when I found “The Oxford Illustrated Jane Austen: Minor Works”. If that isn't providence then I don't know what is. So I borrowed the book, and look forward to settling down to read it, while sipping a hot chocolate, and my feet toasting on a hot water bottle.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy this little tidbit from the Pride & Prejudice mini series…

As Political As I'll Get On This Blog

“we don't vote to keep the best party in - cos there's no such thing - but we vote to keep the worst party out.”
— Jacob Coote (Looking for Alibrandi)

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Last Night

Yesterday it was a dreary day in Victoria. So many of us felt it seep into our bones.

Then something wonderful happened — a good omen. The sun was setting, I looked out the back door, and this is what I saw…

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New Development

I have started doodling an idea for a new art project. I am going to create an illustration designed to look like an open pop up book.

I want it to look like a dream street that I might have fantasized about when I was a kid. A double storey heart house, cherry blossoms lining the street, horses wandering about, a winding footpath. At this point my main colour scheme will be pink, brown and white.


Monday, 16 August 2010

Maybe Not

I have put away the drafting paper and am returning to my comfort zone — doodlings and illustrations. I spent the week making dress patterns completely from scratch for Gwen's clothes and the test stage was an absolute mess. I could have fixed it up. But with so many other things I want to do, I just went nup. So I have put away my pattern making tools and will now focus on my one dimensional art. I'm not so bad with pattern making when I am copying from something old and loved. But to take it from nothing it takes a lot more time and patience — more than what I have at the moment.

So on to other projects for me… :)

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Emjie Showcase

The past two days I have been setting up a new blog as a folio showcasing my artwork. I am still tinkering a bit with it. But it is definitely in a viewable state now.

Take a gander of the folio here… The Girl Loves It

Thursday, 12 August 2010

My Creative Space...

A few days back I blogged about an art exhibition I planned to participate in. The good news is my entry has been approved so following are the details of the exhibition (which is raising funds and awareness for breast cancer).

Saturday October 23rd & Sunday October 24th
Brighton Town Hall
cnr Wilson & Carpenter Street
Brighton Vic (Mel Ref 67 F10)
10am to 5pm

Art Awards Ceremony Sunday 1pm – free sparkling!
Huge Raffle Draw Sunday 3pm
proudly supported by

Additionally I have been pattern making this week for Gwen's Spring/Summer clothes. I have finished making the basic patterns. Now I can begin refining the patterns to match my drawings.

At night time I have been doing some creative writing — playing with an idea loosely based on Lil Red Riding Hood.

Over and out.

While you are at it check out other amazing creative spaces over at Kootoyoo.

Monday, 9 August 2010

The Latest Buzz

Hey! Hey! Things had been on the quiet side, but now I have a few projects lined up over the next few weeks.

For the very first time I shall be including one of my paintings in an exhibition — the Pink Lady Art Exhibition, which will be a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Network Australia. I am quite excited about doing this. The above painting, which is to be my contribution, was done over three days, between toddler wrangling duties. Next…

On the weekend I drew a few ideas for a Spring/Summer clothing range for my daughter. I was inspired by the early 80s trends (of my own toddler years, and Indian tunics. Today I began the pattern making stage of this lil’ clothing range. Full steam ahead.

What else have I got going? Toy repairs,finishing touches to a scrap book, preparing a visual alphabet book…

I have wanted to produce my own graphic novel for some time now, but was always put off by those nagging self doubts. The other night I spent a good hour writing down my ideas. The next morning, feeling so embarrassed by my crap ideas, I scrunched up the paper and threw into the waste paper basket. Six hours later I find myself scavenging for that paper, so I can rewrite the story idea. It is easy to have a moment of inspiration, but the real work starts when you are trying to flesh the story into something that people might want to read.

I certainly won't be bored over the coming weeks.