Friday, 20 September 2019

Sweet Little Storage

{My Poppet link}

Hey you, Neat Freaks! I've got something real special lined up for you. If you head over to My Poppet you will find my latest DIY project. It is all about 'storage' and 'containment' (love those words) of all those cute, yet annoyingly teeny bits and pieces that usually wind up inside of the vacuum cleaner. So if you've got a heap of empty boxes that have no subdivisions then this project is perfect for you.

A little side note: This project is loosely a Part Two of another project on My Poppet which is about shoebox decorating. You'll love it!
{My Poppet link}

Friday, 13 September 2019

Her Lil' Craft Shop

© Melissa Gaggiano
This was a long time coming. Inspired by Beedle, the nomadic merchant of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Little K decided to have a shop, selling her handmade wares during school lunch.

It was an almost forgotten back burner project. So I was pleasantly surprised when Little K set about building her shop and supplies. The shop consists of an upside down cardboard lid with yarn straps, and a stick with a felt flag.

So much can come of Little K conducting her store, including:
  • Increased confidence.
  • Business acumen.
  • Communicating with and reading people.
  • Having fun, 'making'.

My take away from all this – 
When you want to do something, you just got to summon your willpower and 'do it'.


Friday, 6 September 2019

Mouse + Paper + Clay

The weekend gone presented an interesting turn of events. There was an impromptu crafternoon, which led to the creation of Giuseppe, a needle felted mouse. Having wanted to make a little creature like this for quite some time. And the time never feeling quite right, until now. 

© Melissa Gaggiano
Since Giuseppe turned out as well as he did. I went at it again, and made another little mouse... even smaller.

After a tidy up one of the kids was on the verge of throwing out their recent paper sculpture. Before the paper was recycled, I took a photo of it, for a remembrance. This image makes you want to go on a holiday, does it not?

The kids make things with minimal input from me. Occasionally I show them techniques that I've figured out, but for the most part I give them the space to freestyle it. Yesterday though, we had a situation which required a collaboration between mama and child. The result was this Princess Peach statue.