Monday, 21 December 2015

♥ Harry Potter

    I have started another doll project and it is completely different from any other doll I have ever made. This new doll has armature. I can hardly believe I am actually making a doll with bendy limbs.

    The new doll will be a birthday present for a little boy. His new favourite theme is Harry Potter, so naturally the doll will be… Yep! You guess it - Harry Potter.

© Melissa Gaggiano

    At the moment the doll is at a very basic stage, so it looks like a stick thin Egyptian mummy. Tomorrow I will construct the head and sew on the fabric skin of the doll.

    I am thinking of designing a doll outfit based on Harry's quidditch team uniform. And if I have time (and the talent for it) I'll construct an accessory broom.

    I have already made an accessory Marauder's Map, which has been an easy starting point for this birthday present. I found a DIY Marauder's Map here, which I printed on a single A4 (Yep, this is to be a miniature). I printed the map B&W, and later I dipped it in coffee water to give the paper that aged look. It is an amazing effect.
Marauder's Map miniature
    Stay tuned for more details of my progress (or tales of woe, depending on my success).