Sunday, 10 January 2010

Archive Sunday

It feels kind of weird not having blogged for a while. And it feels even stranger getting back into the swing of it. Admittedly my blog reading and writing has been quite limited since returning to work. After, work, and getting in quality time with the family it doesn't leave room for much else. Regardless, I was determined to not skimp on my Sunday Archive project. So here is my contribution for this week…

Back in 1988 I spent the Summer holidays at my Grandparent's home for a couple of weeks. During the stay, Grandma wrote a journal of my day to day activities. I am really quite appreciative that she did this for me. It is a wonderful piece of retrospective to have. This little journal helps me to remember.

To join in with Archive Sunday, simply leave a link in Comments — relating to something from your past history, whether it be a photo, art or an old journal entry, and tell us a little something about this piece of archive.