Friday, 11 June 2010

Shoop Shoop

Who remembers the film Mermaids, and Cher's cover of the Shoop Shoop Song? Don't ya just love the way people dressed in the sixties? It makes me wish we could just time warp our wardrobes to any era of our choosing.

And how about this dress, which played such a prominent part in the story (in addition to the infamous Mermaid costume worn by Cher)? I would love to have a dress like that in my collection.

Speaking of the mermaid costume, let's sneak a peak at some of the photos…

I have the original coming of age novel — Mermaids (written by Patty Dann) in my collection and it is a heart warming read. I think the film also lives up to the book quite well. The whole ensemble cast brought something magical and natural to the screen. Winona Ryder was a natural as the awkward teenager — Charlotte (I love the moment when she shouts out the car window “I want to lead a violent and exciting life”, narrowly avoiding a car accident. Christina Ricci was so charming as ‘Fish-Head’ Kate. And I loved the internalised way Cher played Mrs Flax. Mrs Flax was determined to party forever in an attempt to never allow another man to ever hurt her again.

Time to watch the Shoop Shoop Song again.