Saturday, 17 December 2011

Weekend Reading

    After a couple of wacky weeks it's good to reach the end of a week and sit down with some good reads. Tonight, and tomorrow I plan to tuck into Under the Duvet [by Marian Keyes - one of my favourite authors] and two magazines - Donna Hay and Frankie. While I am at it I might even tuck into eating potato gems - yum.
    Lately I have taken to using weird things to bookmark the books I am reading. I find that with a toddler running about my regular bookmarks tend to disappear into some void and I end up losing the page I was on. So right now I have Under the Duvet bookmarked with a small piece of yarn.
    The odd thing about reading a Marian Keyes book is it makes me yearn for the Emerald Isle, my inner voice takes on what it believes to be an Irish accent and I find myself saying 'feck' a lot.