Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Just Reading

Photography by Melissa Gaggiano

I've been doing lots of thinking lately and not a lot of writing here. I did a fair amount of blogging last month and that just blogged me out. So this month I’m taking a little blogging sabbatical. Perhaps.

There are a few things on my plate at the moment. My granny square blanket project continues. I have high hopes that this project will be complete in three weeks. Pinkies crossed, yeah?

I am also reading. Surprise! Surprise!

I found a great deal on a Marian Keyes book in an op-shop. $3 for This Charming Man. Very, very happy about this. Kept announcing to everyone I met that I bought a good book for $3. When I read aloud excerpts from her books cannot help but put on what I imagine to be Marian’s Irish accent. As I type this I am even typing with an Irish accent.

I have three new books on order. One of the books is Twilight translated into French. Being an on again/off again Francophile it made a cosmic sense to blend it with my appreciation for Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. What better incentive to learn a language than to use one of your favourite stories.