Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Pocket Doll

Melissa Gaggiano doll design
    This pocket size doll is something I whipped together on a whim. Initially I wanted to use a printed iron on transfer, but since I was on short supply of materials, I simply traced the lines and went over them with my sewing machine.

    This is a good project for people who want to make a doll but aren't confident sewers.


  • Scrap fabric
  • Iron on transfer paper


  1. Print out the reverse illustration onto iron on transfer paper.
  2. Set up iron, press paper illustration to fabric applying instructions that come with transfer paper.
  3. Cut out front and back fabric pattern pieces along broken line. 
  4. Pin the front and back pattern pieces together and sew around outline, with a 5 MM seam allowance. Keep an opening at top of the head.
  5. Take your scissors and make little snips around the outer edge [curves and corners]. Careful not to cut the seam lines you have just sewn.
  6. Turn the doll inside out [this is why we keep an opening in the head].
  7. Stuff the doll with filler [you know the fluffy stuff].
  8. Sew the head shut either with sewing machine or by hand.
  9. Now play with your doll or put it in your pocket.

Melissa Gaggiano illustration

Melissa Gaggiano illustration
Back pattern piece

Melissa Gaggiano illustration
Front pattern piece
Use this reverse image if you are using a print iron on transfer