Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Need to Learn

© Melissa Gaggiano
    From machine stitch to hand sewing. From rag dolls to armature. From mermaids to fashion dolls. From felt pattern pieces to needle felted sculpting… My journey in doll making has been varied and expansive. 

    More than a decade ago I fantasised about constructing my own china dolls. I imagined modern dolls made with old school doll making techniques. Nothing came of this, as these thoughts were before the dawn of the online crafting renaissance. Then two years ago I discovered there were artists achieving this very thing. It gave me hope and with gradual research have discovered resources that can demystify these doll making techniques.

    After at least a year's worth of um-ing and ah-ing I began practicing and teaching myself how to sculpt. This is no easy task, as I am back where I began when I first tried making dolls. When you are learning from scratch the path ahead looks scary and bumpy. There will be mishaps and the outcome seems so far away. Despite all this there is something inside that says 'just give it a go'. 'Surely a couple of steps forward wouldn't hurt'.

    My first sculpted doll head was simply fugly. Though with each attempt at sculpting, while rough, it comes closer to what I need it to be. I've still got a long way to go with this sculpted doll making, and ultimately it may not be the right thing for me, but for now it's what I need to be learning.

© Melissa Gaggiano