Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Red, Blue & Glitter Too

© Melissa Gaggiano
Etsy store
No two dolls of mine are ever exactly the same. This is a perfect result for me. As a cottage industry doll designer my aim is that each doll stand alone in her/his uniqueness. And with each doll that I create I am evolving with the dolls.

My latest art doll creation makes use of a variety of craft disciplines, including: sewing, crochet, armature, painting, needle felting, clay sculpting. Her body has an endo-skeleton (armature wire) allowing poseable positioning. Her clay shoes are a new evolution in my process. The shoes are hand sculpted, decorated with glitter (sealed with a topcoat). Facial details are hand painted. The shirt decoration is a granny square pattern in miniature.

This OOAK art doll is available in store right now. Check her out!