Thursday, 14 March 2019

Candyland + Color Bleed Art + Kid Designer

{Buy this Digital Print}
Quietly now, I tread. My journey into 2019 was slower, more contemplative than the previous years. In January I took a couple of weeks off, to recover my sense of centre. Those few weeks have turned into a couple of months. Sure, I've been making, creating and producing. But it's with a sense that I'm simply treading water, rather than catching an actual wave. It's not so much that I'm lost. Just, waiting.

On that note, let's get stuck into my latest endeavors.

This week I created a fine art digital print (as pictured above) titled I Finished Off the Cake, which you can buy from my Red Bubble store.

{My Poppet art tutorial}
This week my latest craft project for My Poppet has gone live. So heave on over there and read all about it.

This week my youngest is exploring the world of clothing design. Basically I give the kids free rein to supplies around the home. I have a looooooooot (not a typo) of fabric, and I am happy to see the kids experimenting and making what ever comes to mind from the stash. 

In the past year the kids have made outfits that required no stitching (this blew me away). This week the little one draped fabric on herself to make the above pictured outfit. I assisted her in only two things – pinning the seams, and helping her use the sewing machine.

We made a team using the sewing machine. The little one controlled the foot pedal and the reverse stitch button, while I fed the fabric under the needle.

On a final note here's a look at my needle felted doll. I've needle felted small bits in the past. But this doll is two thirds needle felted. So, 'A' for effort and giving it a go.