Friday, 5 December 2008

Incey Wincey Spider-Girl

Yesterday I worked on my hand drawn illustrations* and the theme was none other than the future daughter of Spider-Man ~ Spider-Girl!!!

Spider-Girl Illustration 1

Spider-Girl Illustration 2

Spider-Girl Illustration 3

* It feels weird to call these illustrations hand drawn, because when I do my computer art that too is done by hand. It just happens that when working off a computer based art program I am using a mouse. And when drawing straight to paper I am using a pencil. So how different is it really between a pencil, a paint brush, scissors or even a mouse?!? I think that all of these mediums are simply an extension of our own thoughts. And not one of these mediums makes what we create any less artistic. Whether I draw directly to paper or to computer screen the outcome is the same for me - total satisfaction.