Monday, 27 September 2010

Walking Around in Tim Burton's Mind

My interpretation of the Tim Burton exhibition
On Saturday, I went to the Tim Burton exhibit in the city.

I cannot express just how insanely talented and prolific Tim Burton is, as an Illustrator. It was a beautiful, darkly disturbing and brilliant exhibit, and the curators worked so hard with the artist to pull the whole thing off.

As well as whole walls being covered in artwork, there were also film models and costumes on display from Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland, Batman, plus so many more.

I was amazed at how tattered Catwoman’s costume was — they sure put that thing through the wars when Michelle Pfeifer wore it. And I had no idea that the Mad Hatter's hat was so massive. I noticed lovely little details, like the embroidered birds and rabbits along the hem of Alice's blue dress.

I have been to exhibits before, where you would find a handful of work by a single artist. But this exhibit was so much bigger than that. It was like one massive brain dump.

This show will be winding up very shortly. So if you are a Tim Burton fan and you haven't gotten around to it, I highly recommend making the time. This is one exhibit that you do not want to miss. Click here for more details about the exhibit.