Saturday, 8 October 2011

Save the World

Yesterday, sometime after lunch I took the girls to the park. Keira slept in the pram and Gwen got to run around. It was the last week of school holidays. Plenty of Mums, Grandmas and the occasional Dad took their kids to the park. I enjoyed listening to the excited dialogue of some of the children. I recall three children on a spinning ride [one of those rides that adults must never sit on if you want to retain your lunch]. They were spinning around so fast. And one of the children, definitely the kid in charge, was shouting things out…
“It’s 1840!” – Clearly the spinning ride was a time machine.
“Jump off! We have to save the world!” – The kids are time travelling heroes and they have to save the world. And the world cannot be saved if they keep sitting in the time machine.
“Jump off! WE HAVE TO SAVE THE WORLD!!!” – The kid urgently shouts again. The other kids ignore him, and the time machine keeps spinning. I guess saving the world is low on their list of priorities. I think they prefer just time travelling.
Eventually though the time machine stops spinning and the children jump/slide/fall out and race off to various corners of the park, in an attempt to ‘save the world’.
Ever noticed how when children play, most of their dialogue ends with an exclamation mark.