Friday, 25 November 2011

Friday Reflection

    The weekend is almost upon us and I am taking the time to reflect on where I am at. It has been a busy week. Nothing new there.
    I have done some cleaning up and then made new messes. I have dabbled in photography and my writing. I picked up and began reading a really old book - Sugar and Spice and[written by Mary Wright].
    I thought about the future a little but tried to focus on the here and now.
    I tended to my garden - trying to grow strawberries, herbs and lots of lovely flowering plants. I have thinking of planting lots more gardenias. Considering ways of attracting more local birds to the yard. Maybe I could hang an outdoor painting.
    In between all of that I have done the mum thing to two beautiful girls - feeding, cleaning, playing, painting, reading, dancing, talking and singing.
    And dreaming of the snow and trees in Canada.
    It has been a good week. Yes it has.