Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Kids Bedroom Art Installation

    This week I addressed a problem of my eldest daughter's artwork simply lying around the house on the floor. To begin with it quickly making a mess for such a small environment. Therefore it was not having a proper chance for admiration.
    Intent on turning one wall in the kids bedroom into an art installation, I went out and bought a handful of hooks, clothes line pegs and 5 meters of pink ribbon. And this is what I did...
  1. I twisted the hooks into the wall as high up as I could go on[I didn't want tiny hands pulling down the art installation]in a zig zag pattern.
  2. I tied the ribbon to the top most hook and hooked it onto the lower hooks following the zig zag effect, then tying it off on the last hook. I made sure the ribbon wasn't too saggy, nor too tight.
  3. Using the clothes line pegs I can now attach the kids artwork to the ribbon running across the wall.