Monday, 16 March 2015

Taking Stock in March

Pip Lincolne is doing a Taking Stock list thing and inviting others to participate. So here is my mental Stock Take for March:

Making : cloth dolls
Cooking : Hot dogs
Drinking : Coffee
Reading: The Ruby Circle [Richelle Mead]
Wanting: A zoom lens and fabric supplies
Looking: At everything
Playing: Taylor Swift - 1989
Deciding: Whether to go for pink hair.
Wishing: To make a beach lifestyle coffee table book.
Enjoying: Chocolate
Waiting: For my new pink running shoes to come in the post.
Liking: Elvis films.
Wondering: If I'll ever surf again.
Loving: My husband, kids, chocolate and Monster High.
Pondering: A dozen creative thoughts per minute.
Considering: Making a pair of fisherman pants.
Buying: Nothing.
Watching: Wonderland.
Hoping: For more clarity and direction.
Marvelling: At how quickly my youngest is learning from my eldest kid.
Cringing: When I think about high school.
Needing: Focus.
Questioning: My focus.
Smelling: You don't want to know.
Wearing: Stretch black pants and old pink "Venice Beach" shirt.
Following: Carla Coulson
Noticing: Brigitte Bardot.
Knowing: How to make a delicious sausage roll.
Thinking: Too much
Admiring: Carla Coulson and Cat Rabbit
Sorting: Useless stuff around the house.
Getting: Inspired!
Bookmarking: Photography blog articles.
Coveting: Pidgin dolls
Disliking: Cleaning the house.
Opening: My new online doll shop.
Giggling: Over dialogue in an Elvis film - "Let me tell you something beautiful." "Cinderella is a junkie." [You had to be there to find it funny, I guess]
Feeling: Hungry for hot chips and a burger.
Snacking: Nope.
Wishing: My eyes didn't feel dry and tired.
Helping: Taught my eldest how to use the sewing machine. She made her own doll.
Hearing: The telly, and cars on the main road.