Thursday, 5 November 2015

Fab Finds 15

And now for my Fab Four update…

1. I am finding a lot of cool new, old, always been there-but only just caught my attention stuff on Pinterest. One such find has been The Pale Rook, which is a textile art project by Johanna Flanagan. By day Johanna is a fashion and textiles lecturer. And by night she puts on her super cape and makes these period looking dolls from salvaged materials.
© Johanna Flanagan
2. The True Cost - I heard of this documentary through a cousin. I've seen a trailer for this and now it is on my must watch list. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone wanting to have a career in the fashion industry, and to anyone who has ever worn clothes. Yep, that be all of us. This documentary will have us questioning a very real cost to the clothes we buy.

3. If you've got young kids and watch ABC chances are you know what I'm talking about when I say Abney & Teal. The kids love this show! My husband loves this show!! I love this show!!! Well anyway, I found this behind the scenes blog entry by Joel Stewart of what went into making this incredibly detailed program.
© Joel Stewart
4. If you're on the look out for cute, comfortably crafty then check out Muita Ihania. Her site is a hub of sweet inspiration.
© Muita Ihania
And that wraps up my fab finds for today.