Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Skirts for Cher & Miss Dionne

    The past few weeks have been an off period for me. Three head colds in a row! Not fun, at all. So now I look forward to spring, the mild warm air and gentle cool breezes it provides.

    Yesterday I threw myself back into the Clueless doll making, and produced two skirts for Cher and Miss Dionne.

    I get excited at every step of this doll making process. When I come up with a doll making project I am incredibly enthusiastic. Then, when I get started there is a flicker of doubt how it's going to turn out. The potential for a scrap- doodle disaster of epic sewing proportions is always there when I am constantly evolving my design and sewing techniques. Thankfully though I have learnt to let it go when a pattern piece doesn't work out - toss it, have a sandwich, return and design a new pattern piece. Bit by bit as a piece is added to the doll I see her coming to life.

    Keep on at it!