Friday, 12 July 2019

Star Makers

In some respects I am in hibernation. There are moments of busy, business. There are also periods of quiet rest. The work of a crafter is quite physical, and especially so for a content creator. It was therefore important that I learn to pace myself, take up physio, and correct my workstation. All this, and battling head colds (It is winter). The good news is, my new habits are beginning to work, and will hopefully lead to my work being more sustainable.

During this quiet time I've enjoyed taking a time out from things like Instagram. Instagram is to be enjoyed, like flipping through a magazine very quickly. But it's not something that you want to become ritualistic. Imagine standing in a news agency all day, skimming every magazine in sight. You'd 'like' a lot of things, but how much of what you see is absorbed?

My best creative periods are when the kids invite me to make something with them. There has been clay sculpting, needle felting (Ouch! Ouch! OUCH!),  and more recently, moulding with a hot glue gun. Credit for the hot glue gun activity comes from an article about Moriah Elizabeth, in a recent issue of Total Girl magazine. All good fun!