Friday, 23 October 2009

Meme: My Place & Yours

This weeks theme for Meet Me At Mike's meme is titled “Bedside”.

The above photo of my bedside says a lot about the chaotic, creative mess that is in my mind. Notably are the IDN mags, Pip's craft book, knitting and crochet instructions, my Twilight books, my Gwen Stefani perfume (smells like Halloween face make up from my childhood), there is a My Little Pony hidden away behind a clown statue, an Irish postcard from my Nanna (she passed away late last year), an Oz (Seth Green) action figure, Nintendo DS games, a cassette (audio recording of 3AW Bruce Mansfield interview I conducted when I was a teen), a Kylie Minogue poster all rolled up, a box filled with lovely homemade soap. Just to name a few…