Wednesday, 4 May 2011


240: Go Currant

The Line Up

Dear 240, for almost ten years you have been an enduring and trusted friend. You were the mask I wore when I felt as though I couldn’t face the world. You helped when I wanted to look my best. You were even there for me on my wedding day. Sadly though, dear bedazzling 240 your days are numbered. The closer to the shaft’s end you come the less I turn to you.
Please understand it was never negligence or boredom on my part that turned me away. Neither should you believe that I found anything more suitable than you.
The only reason I tried other colours was in the hope of extending your life span. Sure there was some fun to be had with 867. But I couldn’t unwind and relax with that party animal. There was a brief and abysmal encounter with 260, but it didn’t take long to realise that was a no-brainer right there — it didn’t try to get along with anything in my life. Then there was the WX195. Certainly it worked well in a subdued kind of way, but did nothing for me when all I wanted to do was shine. Last but not least were 110 and 630, both of which did come close to your standard and perhaps may have almost hit the mark if combined. Yet still in the back of my mind there would always be something left to be desired, and I’d have known the difference. Some of the sparkle was in these two, but where was the warmth of you, 240, I’d sure like to know.
             240 what will I do when you are gone? Will there ever be another lipstick that can enhance my small lips and make my eyes shine?