Thursday, 5 May 2011

Curator At Home

Recently one of my favourite childhood authors, Candice Ransom, inspired me to be a curator in my own home. She wrote a blog entry about having set up a visually artistic ‘themed’ display in her own home [Follow this link to her blog entry].
Over the years I have collected many wonderful pieces, most of which are hidden away in boxes, just waiting to see the light of day. These are the sort of treasures I promised myself would eventually come out once I had something appropriate to display them on. Of course, time passes by and these lovely little pieces continue to lurk away under the house or in cupboards. So after reading Candice’s blog I just thought ‘enough’s enough’. It is time for some positive action.
The first step toward being my own curator was to pull out my old embroidered badges from childhood and to be placed in a frame. Most of these badges were souvenirs of places I have visited or lived in Australia. One of the badges is something my Dad received as part of his war game training back when he worked for the Royal Australian Air Force. And what badge collection is complete without my own achievements in roller-skating — my highest rating was three stars. I am very proud of these stars.