Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I'm back, baby!

I once again have a bit more time to spare for good old blogland. The past few months I had been back at my old job after having a year of maternity leave. While I was back at work my husband took his paternity leave and staid home with Gwen. We have once again reversed the roles. Michael is back at work, and I am home with the bub.

So what is the latest in the world of moi?
I had already watched the True Blood telly series, so I decided to read the stories that started this southern sensation. I'll tell you something funny. When I first watched True Blood I though Sookie's family name was Steakhouse. It is good to see that the series is faithful to the feel of the original stories, but with just enough of a twist that their is no predictability from watching the show or reading the books.

I also watched a fun sci-fi telly series titled Warehouse 13. I highly recommend watching this show. It sort of a family fun, X Files, meets Indianna Jones, meets Buffy. And this comes as no surprise, as one of the creators of this show is the utterly brilliant Jane Espenson — writer and Co-Executive Producer of the Buffy series (All Hail Jane!).

The other week it was my SIL's Birthday, so I made her this card (and yes, she does have an appreciation for cats)…