Wednesday, 16 March 2011


It is taking so long to find one thing that I am really good at. So for now I will write. It may only be for this hour. The whim may only last this paragraph. But for now this is what I need to do.

Children are supposed to play and wear different hats each day. Make mistakes. Try new things then something else as they strive to become the person they are meant to be, and always were.
Some people know early on what their path is. There are others who finish high school, hit the age forty or even fifty and they are still finding that ‘something’ that defines and sets them apart from the rest of the tribe.

Until a few seconds ago I felt the usual anxiety over this matter. Somehow though, I figured there is no deadline for character or talent sculpting. One person can start playing piano at age two but not have music in their soul. Another person may, for the first time, pick up a paint brush after sixty years and discover what magic really is.

I may spend the rest of my life trying out new things, seeking that perfect ‘something’, and that is alright. I think.