Thursday, 31 March 2011

My Creative Space

    It's funny, how without really thinking too hard about it I suddenly find myself with a few different projects on the go.
    Anyone who has been following my blog of late will notice a switch to writing. Though I still do find myself being drawn (pun entirely intended) to my illustrations, to accessorise and compliment my writing.
    The past few days I have been knitting a red beanie for myself. A few months ago I declared that this year would be all about the colour red. I simply had to have something in my wardrobe that is red — whether that be a hat or shoes. The year was getting on and I still had not made good on my promise to myself. Now that we are heading into cooler days and I had been knitting beanies for other family members it just fell into place. I would knit myself a red beanie. Just imagine it — red beanie and red lipstick, together at last. Maybe when my pregnancy is over I can look at getting a pair of red high heel shoes to complete the look.

    Today I have been working on a birthday card, combining illustration, water colour paints, and stencil paper crafts — something with a 20s feel.
    I might even look at decorating some homemade wrapping paper. Though we'll see what my energy levels say about that.
    Now, lets have a look at other wonderful creative spaces over at Kootoyoo.