Sunday, 26 July 2009

Pahr-Tee at the 321

Lat night my lil family headed out in style over to Fitzroy where there was a lovely soiree, which we had been invited to. It was at in.cub8r Gallery and the party was to celebrate the Second Birthday of both in.cub8r Gallery and MixTape.

Although we couldn't stay more than half an hour (it was baby's first big night out) a lovely time was had, and there was so much 'wonderful' to see. The walls and display cases were filled with papercrafts, ornaments, jewellery, wall poster art and indie fashion. I just wanted to buy a little something of everything.

Before heading back home I bought a couple of books from the gallery:
  • Issue 9 of Mixtape zine
  • Handmade Nation