Thursday, 27 August 2009

My Creative Space...

Here is my finished piece for "I want Candy... Spring". If you look at previous entries you will see the development this illustration took.

This piece has been occupying my time this week so there is not much else to write about.

I must mention, the creative Thea of Thea & Sami sent me a print as part of her "Pay It Forward" project. You can see it here... 

How cool are those mushies?!?

To see other great creative spaces you can visit Kootoyoo.

PS: While you are at it, visit my other blog "The Lounge" and have a read of the latest interview.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Second Stage

This is the second stage/draft of my Candy-Spring illustration. This step was basically working out the sort of colours I wanted to use.

My next step will be to go back in to clean up the lines.
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Monday, 24 August 2009

I Want Candy... Spring

I am currently working on another illustration in Photoshop, which is partially inspired by Spring. I'll show you my progress as I work through this one, beginning with today... This is my drafted sketch, hand drawn:

Saturday, 22 August 2009

The Delightful Lara

I have just posted an interview of actress Lara Hillier, over at The Lounge blog. So put a pot on the boil cut yourself a slice of chocolate cake, settle yourself down and have a read at... The Lounge.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Great Finds at the Library

I have been really getting into borrowing books from the library lately. Particularly from the craft section.

I highly recommend the following books which I currently have out:

"The Joy of Digital Photography" by Jeff Wignall

"Savouring France" by Georgeanne Brennan

"Graffiti Woman" by Nicholas Ganz

"The New Doll's House Do-it-yourself Book" by Venus & Martin Dodge

"Cloth Doll Artistry" by Barbara Willis

Thursday, 20 August 2009

My Creative Space...

I have been super busy the past two weeks. So busy that I even missed last week's 'creative space'.

So what have I been up to?

I spent the better half of last week setting up my website, which can be viewed here... . I can tell you that was a hard slog. But when it was finally up and running it was worth the sleep deprivation.

I have an ever growing list of things that need to be done, so I have started using my computer's internal calendar to help me keep track of what I need to do. This has been an absolute life saver.

I am doing a trade with Claire over at . In return for a crafting book that I shall receive, I have made for Claire a Hoo Owl.

Oh! Oh! Lots to do, so little time in the day.

And I really should mention... check out that latest issue of Mixtape zine. This issue features a doll pattern of mine... Ragamuffin Mousie. I am so chuffed about this.

To see other great creative spaces shoot on over to Kootoyoo.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Meet the Beerhorst Family

You so totally need to check this artistic family out!!!

I just stumbled across this family - The Beerhorsts - who really do live for their art. They all work together, both parents and children crafting pieces to be sold at markets on the weekend. The children are home schooled, the back garden is a mini vegie farm, and they create the most gorgeous items.

Have you ever dreams of a simpler life, getting back to basics, and being artistic? Well, this family is doing it. They are living proof that this dream can be realistic.

Follow this link to follow the weekly goings-on of this busy family... . Believe me when I say you will be delighted by what you find at their site.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Muchas Gracias Mixtape

Oh! I do so like receiving special posts. Today I was incredibly stoked when I checked the letter box as I was to find a fat envelope from Mixtape.

Mixtape sent me two copies of the latest zine issue, plus a cute lil' button badge that said "I write for Mixtape" (and so I did!)

One of my designs features in this issue of Mixtape. Yay for me!

Many thanks to Mixtape for including my work in this issue and for making my day with this lovely treat in the mail.

You can buy issue 10 of Mixtape here at...

Sunday, 16 August 2009

New Website

I am exhausted, and very pleased to announce that my website is now up and running. There are still a few kinks for me to work out, but the basics of site are there for you to see. So why not check it out when you have a free moment.

Have a great and windy Sunday.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Fashionable Gwen

Another Lovely Giveaway

Okay, I just thought I would mention a lovely giveaway being hosted by Faith, Hope & A Whole Lotta love. The giveaway is for a pack of cards (and I do not mean the casino type), which have such sweet little illustrations... Follow this link to find out more about the giveaway.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Who will she be when she grows up?

My Creative Space...

Okay, so at the moment I am attempting some story writing, but I will not elaborate too much on this, except to say that I hope to have some published works some day. Does anyone know any good reference books for writing children's stories?

I picked up the materials I need for my Pay It Forward project. Over the next few days I will begin crafting something special for Woollywotnots.

The other day I began experimenting with 3D glasses effects. Below is my first experiment, but it didn't seem to work. I might print it out then have a look through the 3D glasses to see if that makes any difference. Otherwise I might need to readjust the red and cyan settings in Photoshop.

To see other great creative spaces, visit Kootoyoo at this link.

PS. Check out the latest interview, of Vanessa Coppola over at The Lounge.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Her Wish List

Here is my latest illustrated offering to the fashion gods: Shoes, shoes, shoes! Lots of lovely shoes. So many shoes in the world, and not enough feet to fill them.

Cute Crochet Capelets

For all those crochet crafters out there I must insist you visit the Artdecadence Etsy store, which is run by artist, Christine McConnell. There is a pattern for a sweet little capelet that you can buy. If these photos are anything to go by, this outfit would make a wonderful addition to any girl's wardrobe.

While you are at it you can also check out Chrisy's blog over at

Monday, 3 August 2009

Baby Moment

Although this photo of my daughter came out blurry I still think it is great. I love how close I was able to get and to be able to just fill the space with Gwen's beautiful face.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Gwendo Bib

Okay! I've got something special to share with y'all. The other day I designed and made for my baby a lil bundle of baby bibs. Why did I do this? Well, firstly my bub needed more larger bibs and I thought the cost of bibs in shops was a bit much for such a simple design.

Instead, I made a pattern, bought 2 metres of knitted fabric (1 metre per alternating fabric colour/print), and sew on velcro. I was able to make 9 bibs with some scrap material to spare for another potential project.

A couple of the bibs were taken out for a test drive last night. Translation: the bub wore the bib. The bib survived.

I am going to share my bib pattern with you. It is a very simple design and can be sewn up by even the most amateur crafter.
Sewing Steps:
  1. Cut 2 pieces of fabric on CF Fold.
  2. Open out the two pieces you just cut, and place the pieces, with the wrong sides of fabric together.
  3. Plain stitch the two pieces together about 1 cm - 1.5 cm from the edge.
  4. Reinforce the edges with an overlocker.*
  5. Cut a small piece of velcro, about 2 cm from the velcro roll.
  6. Stitch the velcro pieces to the fabric where the X is marked on the pattern.
* Note: If you do not have an overlocker or are a more advanced sewing machinist, you can reinforce the edges of the bib by sewing in binding. If you do this I would suggest cutting a piece of knitted fabric that has a 3 cm width, by 97 cm length.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

The Interview Lounge

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know about another blog I have recently created. It is called The Interview Lounge.

Grab a coffee, visit the lounge and see who has already been in the hot seat. This week's interviewee has been Vanessa Coppola of Designs by Vanessa.